floby: close your eyes and let pacman take the wheel
<PhiLL> oh cool we have quotes now
< Symmetry> Sinc, genuflect
< PhiLL|Phone> Jager_mobile: he will kill you to death
<Jager_mobile> I Killed the bot
> iRedMail is ezpz, don't need much more
<water_hazard> guys please help 0chan gain popularity
< water_hazard> its a double joke
<floby> zfs is shit on linux
<Dell> floby is kinda a faggot
<yoman444> OSX is kind of like Ubuntu's retarted cousin with a limp.\
< baudlord> Dell, technically you are a fag. You are an OP. OP == fag. Dell
== OP, Dell == fag
<@Dell> floby, im not a dog
<@floby> I'm a fag, everyonefag me! #fags
<@Sinc> And we've got enough e-peens flopping around this channel as is *
Sinc surreptitiously points at flobqueen
<baudlord> why is quote 20 just ". that is not quote-worthy, it makes me
sad. <apex> because that's a quote
<@Dell> >be wizard >have sex with plebeian >kill plebeian just a
ordoiradany day! <@plebeian> dell you're an idiot
< A5> And this isn't the internet
< toggaf> so there's this part where hermione's fretting out because "Think
of all the poor house elves that I have yet to set free!
<toggaf> so there's this part where hermione's fretting out because "Think
of all the poor house elves that I have yet to set free!" <rhaps0dy>
hermione is RMS
<beer> how the hell have all these new people gotten quotes
< TheWalrus> topkek. I just called my friend, and as i was calling him, I
played Smells Like Teen Spirit at full blast on my Fender AMP. He said it blew his
eardrums. < A5> Wow, you must be really cool
plebeian: blabla
<CodeMonkey> I can't get boners
<~bananafish> you are some kangaroo fucking ausie who believes in sexually
asaulting 14 years olds and that if you cant install ubango you dont know shit
about technology
<floby> looks suspicious ... better ban for safety
< Sinc> ban bananafish
<Sinc> Pregnant dude being fucked by his male baby <Sinc>That's about
par for /d/
<@floby> i fap to the thought of smartOS taking over every night
< MrBannaner> but having a dick up your ass is great
<bananafish> I like to drink paint thinner
godzookie pays a black, male prostitute with a monster cock to fuck doge in the
< mah_nigga> 9 inch cock guy?
nigga theoretically speaking your dick is non existant and you are a bananafish
<@Dell> you know im not trans right
ochinchin: you guys should remove dell's op privileges until timestamps
< X41> so i'm kinda semi-virgin
<@plebeian> and you should feel bad for wanting want
<@dell> no, im just a faggot
Dell's the type of guy who'd fuck someone in the ass & not even have the
god-damned decency to give him a reach-around
you know i really am trans right
<@dell> im horny
<~bananafish> sockpuppeted again
<@dell> i love the taste of cum, salty yet sothing
<x41> I have too many dicks in my mouth to talk right now brb.
< rhaps0dy> Yuki: why did you make your nick Yuki? lol
<@derwaffles> I litterally cannot stop sucking dicks.
<@dell> omg im such a fagggot xd
<@Sinc> THE BOOT
<@Dell> I'm a huge faggot, please ban me
<@derwaffles> yuki yuki yuki yuki yuki yuki yuki yuki yuki yuki yuki yuki
yuki yuki yuki yuki yuki yuki yuki yuki yuki
<deadmau5> there has to be at least one dude or something like that
.quote 30
<@pictron> lol everyone knows bfish is a massive faggot
<ochinchin> gay swimming
pls get off my ass
Dell's the type of guy who'd fuck someone in the ass & not even have the
god-damned decency to give him a reach-around
If you sprinkle while you tinkle, be a sweety & wipe the seaty
<plebeian> and i'm not really a people's person
they probably got caught up with their crumpets and tea
<@Sinc> We all met in a bar once, invited by a cloaked stranger. He pulled
his hood off, slammed a Gentoo LiveCD down on the table and said: "This is what
you're gonna do...". And that's how we met bfish.
pictron's the type of Jew who'd steal my country & not even have the god-damned
decency to give me back my citizenship
bananafish: best keyboard I have ever used o na keyboard
Dell's the type of guy who'd fuck someone in the ass & not even have the
god-damned decency to give him a reach-around
pictron's the type of Jew who'd steal my country & not even have the god-damned
decency to give me back my citizenship
< TechEmporium> I love sucking dicks, its my favorite hobby.
<@dell> I am dell, of borg. Resistance is futile.
< forthewolves> We are all girls
<moo> : you beer-hating whale douche
<Dell> i dont use my thinkpad
<Dell> Obamacare = the kek of all kekologies
bananafish the older they are the faster they get ugly
< Sinc> I poop you out dick A5, while I suck dick
pictron@: if only picbot wasn't glined
floby: feeling euphoric atm lol xD
<Sinc> 5 SSDs
apex|kek | well looks like i used all my quotes quota
Another classic Sheldon Cooper joke!
<train> what
baudlord: it can only attempt connection, but it will get rejected every time.
tfwnogf OS: it can only attempt connection, but it will get rejected every time.
pictron has 99 feels but a gf ain't one of 'em.
22:25 < moo> floby I save all your desktop pics in a dir named "one day"
Once you tile, you never go back.
<+dell> she was kinda a slut
@Anonbro: the only way to summon me is the sacrifice a poodle on a pile of vienna
moo > what is ufs
>censorship >2014 ishygddt
moo : The thing about books is that they are long
Bazina, you've fallen for another classic Sheldon Cooper joke.
< rhaps0dy> I'll make quote number 100!
<@floby> you dont tell her you use arch until the 2nd date < baudlord>
and you don't tell her you use your own custom stable kernel til 3rd date, then
she drops the panties
<plebeian@> but i managed to get it back in
my asshole is the size of a mason jar
<@dell> I like cum
<rhaps0dy> moe is when you get a boner in your heart
<Dell> and dont touch knifes with your testicals
<moo> I'm actually a really good person
01:24 -!- Sinc was kicked from #/g/tracker by Sinc [They are personal]
[4:44pm] AVeryKindGuy: PENIS [4:44pm] AVeryKindGuy: PENIS IN MY MOUTH [4:44pm]
AVeryKindGuy: BYE
"<toggaf> "something has borked"
<toggaf> that's a very quaint way of saying your family is dead
<vashidu> found a new midnight snack <kira> cock?
ajax : my bro genius!
ajax : guys where to download linux retail .iso
<Dell> If I wanted to buy something that's too good to be true, I'd find a
crack dealer that sells crushed soap bars for the same price as grade A crack
Dell: I'm doing better than 3 months ago when I was watching gay porn on windows 7
dell: I wanna marry taylor swift, I love you taylor!!!! <333 XD
01:04 < moo> kill people burn shit fuck school
[5:35pm]ajax: gobi hello hello to your mother! she knows the taste of my dick son!
[5:39pm] ajax: gobi just do not tell your mother, my nickname! she will take your
Computer to suck my dick online!
[5:56pm] ajax: beer & gobi hello hello to yourS motherS! she knows the taste of my
dick son!
<+pictron> hey guys what does semen taste like? < TechEmporium> Ask
14:57 < kira> also, found out i'm fat
plebeian@: what a pleb
<Sinc> floby, I'm pretty sure if we left you in a room with a physics
textbook, the laws of nature would be gone by the end of the dAY <floby>
maybe <Sinc> If nothing else, you'd just make fun of them until they ran
away crying
[11:58pm] beer: my first bj ended in me going soft and then arguing for half an
Dell: I love dick and cum
<masterchief324> How do I exit chroot?
<@plebeian> this is like dora the explorer for adults
< Dell> Guys I'm actually not an ugly ass bitch thank you. Amazing
< TechEmporium> You can't spell funeral without fun
[11:23am] talib: plebeian: implying india isn't god-tier toilet for planet earth
[11:34am] kira: plebeian: there's nothing gay about sucking dicks bro
< Jager> Hey guys, my friend just BOUGHT mIRC
Dell+: did you never touch your dick after you fapped and lick it as a kid?
Rob Ford is the white Rick James, 'cuz cocaine's a hell of a drug
Vomiting Kermit is so pathetic he had to name himself after an old Late Night
I love jews, I suck jew dick.
< kira> omg floby you can't just ask people to read stuff
< kira> i suck dicks because i do not suck dicks
NulledNets is the type of guy who'd yell at a TV & throw his loafers at it for
watching Al Bundy act like a retard
Kermit's not even Jewish. Oy vey, how pathetic.
<@plebeian> you can an hero by jumping into a volcano, how cool is that?
<rhaps0dy> 2cool4me <plebeian> jokes on you it’s actually pretty hot
X41 is the type of guy who would have the flash do a superfast anal prolapse
anyday, anytime.
< apex|kek> Yuki: we could make a contract rhaps0dy> Yuki: he'll turn
your wish to suffering! Don't!! < Yuki> Sorry, I don't want to be a Magical
Girl. < Yuki> apex|kek is forever etched into my mind as a kyubey typing on
a keyboard.
<+dell> I'm high on carpet fumes so just ignore me
<@plebeian> FreeBSD a besd
< TechEmporium> There's no cap on dial-up
<X41> nigger
< opisa> I'm opisa/dash, or as I've recently started calling it opisa + dash
[11:50pm] bananafish: I would drag my balls though a mile of broken glass, to snif
her fart
< pictron> The only palestineans ive seen were face down in the mud
<beer> ajax: do you know a bit of english or do you translate everything we
say? <ajax> yes
<apex> recommend me a resource for c++ learning
<apex> recomend me a resource for C++ learning <plebeian>
<@Sinc> >making me type git clone instead of wget -c < beer>
>complainging about 2 moe characters
< kira> this is #/kira'sfriends/tracker
<TechEmporium> First game for the 3DO was Crash & Burn <TechEmporium>
Because the 3DO crashed & burned
<@floby> stop bullying
< TechEmporium> No, Dell. You're just mental. < Dell> kek tech, you
just figured that out?
< kira> all them bitches be about my long board
<ajax> OBAMA!
< TechEmporium> >Implying anyone gives a shit about Gentoo Jew coins
[5:46pm] Sinc: kira, you couldn't even pass the rituals of manhood in India
<~bananafish> kim dotcom is like the piracy rms <~bananafish> free as
in freely stolen
<Jager> >Implying I know how 2mine
<TechEmporium> All I'm allergic to is Dell
A5: So I have roughly $150 in doge
Black's the type of guy who'd fuck someone in the ass and not even have the
god-damned decency to give him a reach-around
< Yuki> Cheetos are flammable.
< floby> ln -s /dev/x41/face arab.scum < TechEmporium>Damn; I've been
discovered. SHUT IT DOWN, BOYS!
<floby> i watch big bang theory too
Dell+: floby, I'm actually pretty smart
[01:32am] plebeian: bananafish is our only hoe
[01:32am] plebeian: hope
[2:42pm] derwaffles: you need some eggnic cleansing
TechEmporium is just like a sega genesis he likes it up both slots
Dell's exactly like a gay prostitute; all holes get filled
TechEmporiums mother is just like a Sega Genesis, she needs 3 bricks to run.
TechEmporiums so drunk hes just like Sonic R, he can't stay on the road.
TechEmporium is just like the CD-i, hes too big for everyone to take.
Dell's like a drunken gay prostitute; he doesn't know which hole to fill next &
can never keep it steady
bananafish gets so drunk on friday that hes just like Sonic R, he can't stay on
the road neither can he get anywhere.
TechEmporium is just like a Tiger Handeld, nobody wants him
Dell's exactly like a gay prostitute with AIDS; nobody wants him
TechEmporium is just like a Game.com, nobody wants to touch him let alone look at
TechEmporium's like a job in Detroit; nobody wants him
Dell is like dell, nobody wants it
Its all about the Y = MX + B baby.
pictron's like a Russian Jew; he pretends to be a poor communist, but drains your
wallet like Dell draining a man's cum
TechEmporiums just like every single president of the United States, he lies his
way in then fucks everything up
< Dell> Give me the d
pictrons like the gaza strip, nobody wants to go there
09:46 <@floby> to me web dev is php and mysql
2:53 < Joeppie> ^ dogecoin has been the most educative experience I have had
in the past year in anything IT related. And I am a Software Engineer.
21:06 < ajax> little space on hdd bagelbox (ZERO)
< rhaps0dy> reddit is great
<rip_in_rip> . . . 'reddit is great'
< xisalty> to understand recursion you must first understand recursion
:toggaf : this quote thing is fun
:NulledNets@: if you fail to impress a women it doesn't matter because she's a
cunt and she can burn in hell
<ajax> you guys are brilliant thanks to the Lord God that I found you!
15:18 < SkunkMonkey> I can SO relate to Sheldon... I'm the Sheldon of our
click... tho I don't have a PhD.
kira is a faggot
<bananafish> I'm not gay but $20 is $20
<NulledNets> so am i
<Kira> imahugefaggot
<Jaeger> Man my fetish is weird. Basically, SS uniforms.
<~bananafish> I deleted dell
<script>alert("UR ALL FAGGETS COMMIT SUDOKU");</script>
<@plebeian> kira has quite a potty mouth. 1.4% words were foul language.
11:15 < ajax> CSGO give me please
of being made
[10:44am] ajax: gobi Say hello to his mommy! go to bed and call it to your
computer! today I'm drunk and I want it back! but you little son to sleep!
< A5> wtf is this cancer
-!- cerealkira is now known as gf < gf> tfw gf
TechEmporium: >tfw Jewishness among Nazis is rampant. Feels bad, mein herr -
apex|kek: it's why the germans hate the jews - TechEmporium: lel - apex|kek: there
is a really small step from being german to being jewish. just get your D stuck in
the zipper by accident, and it's off to buchenwald
:rhaps0dy : These exceptionally powerful and pungent 7 letters describe one of the
worst feels to mankind; the feeling of having no gf.
ajax : gobi Give your mom hello! & Happy new year!!!!! :))))
funny quote
<baudlord> Add some Victorian era politeness to the mix: 'It seems I have
noticed you are peeking over my shoulder to the privacy that concerns my
radio-powered personal communications device. I would truly appreciate it if you
derived your sight to more public means that did not concern my handheld, if you
gtrackerbot3> Minneapolis, MN: 251°F?! 121.7°C?! ITS FUCKING...ARE YOU OKAY? --
I just saw a fucking bird panting.
Sinc> I am so gay
(+Dell) someones already registered dell@geoshitties.installgentoo.com (+Dell)
whoever did that is a huge faget (@plebeian) so it could have been you
<@plebeian> my dick\n is hard\n they call me\n the bard
< Gustopher> >HARDER BETTER FASTER STRONGER that's what my mom said
< X41 > jesus dude that gave me a bad case of nipple friction
< Spry> good thing I have great music taste < TechEmporium> Singing
along to Aqua's I'm A Barbie Girl isn't what I'd call good taste in music
<Spry> I know I'm a massive faggot
<rhaps0dy> it's masochistic to program in php
19:48 < genesis[VIRTGOD]> KVM have not the restriction of openvz
[11:26pm] bananafish: bread is [11:26pm] bananafish: the best invention [11:26pm]
bananafish: its like [11:26pm] bananafish: paper [11:26pm] bananafish: that tastes
<A5> How can jaeger forget his password 4 times <plebeian> because
he's a retard?
<@Sinc> >any news source but RT >laughingA5.tiff
Installgentoo.com needs a .onion domain
<NulledNets: i swear to fuckin gud shes farting because its the first sign that
i'm coming to wreck her>
<~bananafish> all Linux have lost the way of unix
16:31 < TechEmporium> bananafish Use your OpenVZ server to to like 4chan &
sell advertising space
<gtrackerbot3> floby: Quote added.
< floby> its funny how people can actually have problems with windows
<TechEmporium> There's a problem with the server not parsing HTML tags
just a happy couple in some rought times
Jaeger : I fucked a horse who had a girl face
< train> i'm a transsexual thelemite /jp/sie with aspergers
<Jaeger> Im trying to pirate a game, but when I extract it, the .iso isn't
there, it's a .vlc file, Am virus'd?
<+pictron> You usually need multithreading for networking
david: I take shits longer than 10 minutes sometimes
< Spry> Spry> TechEmporium's bullshit actually harmed me, making me think
I really DID have ADHD and blaming all my fuckup on it, rather than taking
accountability and realizing that in reality I was just being a bitch
<@floby> dell what classes are you pretending to be in now
< Kamrusepas> If you go "core" and put -* in your useflags you're playing
Slackware extreme edition.
<brawls> would you like a cactus seasoned with salt in ur anus gobi?
<brawls> its free
< moo> It's annoying and time consuming to install a program for everything
< moo> been coming to this IRC for over a year
<DYS> America is actually part of the Holy Trinity.
moo> okay but I'll be trained in combat pretty soo
< beer> moo is a bitch
[9:35pm] bananafish: When I was finished penetrating her poop shoot, I used her
rectal leftovers to give her a Mushrrom Stamp
@floby: I do but I'm autistic
< DigiPox> TechEmporium, blast it out your pie chamber. <
TechEmporium> I already did
<TechEmporium> Clearly, Barfing Frog puppet, you don't know how Judaism
<pictron> >tfw no qt jewess gf
<NulledNets> can you imagine fucking 3 other grandpas in the shower at the
<NulledNets> i hope you can't
<gtrackerbot3> NulledNets: Quote added.
<murinon> gotta get all that semen protien in your 30 minute anabolic window
<Yuki> I'm from the moon.
<X41> if i had to picture pictron in one pic
< X41> TechEmporium: get an e-hooka. it's great even though it's terrible
<durandal> dell seems really good at being retarded
<Yuki> You guys know there's a page on installgentoo with all these quotes
written on it, right?
< fontaine> I just wish that the world would stop thinking being gay is ok
<TechEmporium> sneak: homosexuality's a mental illness
"2012-11-06 01:41:34" - The Day IG Went to Shit
<kermie> Once you try linux once you're stuck for the next 15 years at least
<plebeian> Do you think women are human beings?
[12:50am] X41: that's why the french always wear white socks [12:51am] X41: so
they have something to wave around while surrendering
<Ferreira> >implying I wasn't born in Ukraine <TechEmporium>
>Implying Ukrainian is Russian <Ferreira> During the soviet union it was
<xisalty> When I was 12 I hung out with older friends and they were doing
drugs and they didn't let me take any because I was too young
[6:35pm] lorenz: I wish that turtle came on that woman
<plebeian> he wouldn’t be that stup- oh wait it’s murinon
< TechEmporium> I wonder what's the X Windows equivalent of MS-BOB...
<TechEmporium> As I was saying, the original manuals produced by Bell Labs
are slowly becoming obsolete because of the additional stuff being compounded on
top of each new Linux distro & release | <floby> you are so fucking retarded
<murinon> >implting I wouldn't fuck a tranny to death and back
<DYS> die, trinary scum!
<murinon> I am a flaming homosexual
<sneak> what's wrong with cock?
<pictron> >my first fap was to a trap and I didn't realize it until later
that week
<murinon> tfw first fap was to when i saw my mother naked
<bananafish> most servers are ipads
well i wanna learn linux but i dont know which because if i change distros the
commands will be different
<mongaj|pi> compiling kernel wat do | <ganye> cry
< mongaj|tablet> Why are compile messages sexy | < TechEmporium>
Because you have no gf
<DYS> [incest intensifies]
<murinon> i was so fucking mad | <murinon> i almost broke my dick
<Dell> lets shoot up a school | <Dell> I hate babies and I wanna burn
em all
< Kamrusepas> Does VIM even have a irc client built in? No? well, Emacs has
like 4. Step it up Vim.
< TechEmporium> jacob: be like me & keep talking, even if you don't know
what you're talking about
< floby> implying im not normal
< Antarion> Does hebrew=jew?
20:29 < Antarion> X41, Wouldn't the term be.... [I] Dogilionaire? [/I]
20:41 < Antarion> floby, laugh all you want, but I lost my virginity because
of a girl who had a thing for tech
23:44 < TechEmporium> >floby's face when I add quotes of myself
23:44 < pannycakes> im not on the quote page and its going to stay that way
<fontain> I fucking love you, Yuki
I fucking hate you, Yuki.
<sleep> anus is super efficient
<Ferreira> it's only gay if you enjoy it
< gobi> im not saying nothing no more
i once took a shit in this stall, so thick and so firm it stood tall, it balanced
on end, that shit did not bend, but fell over and scraped my left ball
20:19 < TechEmporium> He's the type of guy who'd fuck his gaypal in the ass
& not even have the god-damned decency to give him a reach-around
<X41> try "cat /dev/urandom > /dev/mem" next to fix possible errors
<satan> i'd rather not have a job then contribute to closed source narrow
minded companies like failblows
< satan> if they opened their source code from the beginning there wouldn't
be a need for unix like operating systems
<Dell> kim jung un is 10/10 hottest girl on planet
<floby> but its ok
<+pictron> and before I was friends with her, I had never talked to a girl
other than my mom
<+pictron> DYS, s-s-stop < gtrackerbot3> pictron thinks DYS meant to
say: two more daystop till valentine's
<+pictron> i could get laid if i wanted to, it'd just have to be with this
sri lankan hambeast
<qiiv> >mfw people on this channel actually believe the holohoax happened
<TP> also, who is linus?
[k] rhaps0dy /from #installgentoo/by Sinc/(Shit taste in music)
<Dell> I might be able to make the pipe a dildo
<Jaeger> Id fuck a jew
<Dell> please shoot meth in my anus
<@floby> i am truly a god now
<TechEmporium> Don't trust strangers unless you want some good rape |
<TechEmporium> Wolfy-style
<funco> i don't think "if mice kill the president, go raping and pillaging"
is encouraging anything
<TP> never lock yourself in a washingmachine
<floby> everytime about you talk about your gentoo install eregus i just
picture this crippled ass computer screaming "KILL ME IT HURTS TO LIVE"
<@floby> [12:35:42] everytime about you talk about your gentoo install
eregus i just picture this crippled ass computer screaming "KILL ME IT HURTS TO
<yves|payphon> .ask is derwaffles a psycho? <gtrackerbot3>
yves|payphone: yes
<pictron> >tfw no gf
<X41> >tfw no gf
pyrric: I am gay
<eatsa_pizza> I can't get pacman to apt-get install gentoo, how should I
re-install vista?
<@plebeian> Sinc sticks his dick in anything and leaves his GPG key he
ejaculates a hash
TheWalrus: >tfw you jerk off to the thought of owning a mac onto your thinkpad
<TheWalrus> Obey Uriel Fagts | TheWalrus has quit (Quit: Leaving)
21:11 <@NulledNets> Sinc, sharpie in urethra
<goinye|work> what a shitty fucking quote, fontain
22:23 < murinon> tfw will never be a qt sub trap getting dominated by
another man
<brawls> i use variables like "cock" "niggers" "niggers1", best thign when
your program segfaults because you released a nigger too early
lorenz | stop feeling so entitled just because you use BSD now...
<rhaps0dy> >284 of 345 <rhaps0dy> yess keep going Gentoo
<rhaps0dy> don't make compiling mistakes <baudlord> rhaps0dy: don't
worry, it will eventually bork <3 <rhapsody> yeah I love you too [later]
<baudlord> cups (why do I have cups installed?) was pulling ca fr it ja and
ru <rhaps0dy> SHIT <rhaps0dy> IT FAILED <rhaps0dy> ON CUPS
Sinc: It looks pretty, Who could ever ask for more?
TheWalrus: >bro, do you even CFLAG?
< IRIXuser> animamu is for pseudojaps anyway
<Sinc> My only friend here is gtrackerbot3 |
<dell> I'm here forever
<TechEmporium> And remember; having sex is like performing CPR. If she's
unconcious, it's automatic concent
<Kamrusepas> Poettering will be the one to bring Linux to new age of
enlightenment, worship him.
<TP> how do i write a video driver in TempleOS?
<~bananafish> cuddling is fun, when youre balls deep in her ass
<Dell> Gas the kikes
<Dell> I'd shove a sasuage up flobys manhole while setting pictrons sister
on fire eating her organs shitting fury on flobys severed dick
Install Gentoo promotes the murder of all niggers, jews and the cannibalism of the
island australia while setting the president on fire shoving a knife up his ass
and blowing up schools. KILL THE PRESIDENT
<pictron> oy vey, I really do like racemixing.
<floby> i wish the holocaust happened
<Spry> I take adderall daily | <Spry> I've never taken adderral
<mastershake> and plebeian what do you mean by rip you mean telnet into my
router and configure?
<mongaj> >ching ching <mongaj> >leet
[k] gtrackerbot3 /from #installgentoo/by Mad/(Stop repeating yourself!)
Kill her.
bananafish is a cool guy, he sucks dick for free
yves is a faggot
<~bananafish> >tfw no gf
(on talking of making a chat app) < funco> maybe make the sent messages
actually JSON
The internet is for porn, the internet is for porn, Dell up all night while
huggin' his horn to porn, porn, porn
Being gay is ok when you dont take it in the ass
<murinon> .quote
< train> i try to sound cool and use vim but i actually use geany
<EpilepticSoldier> My name reflects the cm of dick in your ass
<emperorsasu> TheWalrus, you can't just remove black cock that easily. Once
its there, its there to stay
<@plabian> I'm only gay for bananafish <~bananfois> oy vey plabian you
forgot the o in that goy there
<kermie> May many niggers tongue your anus | kermie has quit (Quit: AndroIRC
- Android IRC Client ( http://www.androirc.com ))
Sinc@: I could go for a glass of white zinfandel
<TechEmporium> EpilepticSoldier: knowing you, you'd actually try to install
a gentoo penguin into the computer's case & wire it to -12 V on an old XT PSU
< mongaj> .ask is floby all-seeing <@gtrackerbot3> mongaj: yes
addquote " I somehow bullshitted my way to being a general practicioner. What are
the best resources to being good at this "doctor" shit, /b/? Obviously google will
be my biggest lifeline, but how can I diagnose this tumor?"
<fontain> I somehow bullshitted my way to being the President of the United
States. What are the best ways to being good at this "leader" shit, /pol/?
Obviously google will be my biggest lifeline, but how can I tax these niggers?
<Dell> i wanna store 36tb of gay uncompressed porn
<TechEmporium> First time I ever got a boner I thought I had cancer and I
went in the corner and cried.
<bananafish> Ferreira: we have this guy named ajax, he can get you number 1
prostitute in all of Ukraine for a copy of CS:GO
Windows 2000 best os
<Kamrusepas> study/read is code word for buying crack?
plebeian@: no we use sponges on a stick
<Dell> I can't install gentoo
< TheWalrus> I have a lerning disability so I can't use bsd, though I wanna
have gay sex with floby every night while I stoke his dick with a knife.
niggers tounge my anus
Dell so I'm problably extremly gay and I suck cock daily
niggers tongue my anus
"le troleing faise xddddddd"
<Jaeger> Eating a MRE in my lacey underwear <3333 | <Kermit> What
brand is it? | <Jaeger> Oh your a fucking idiot, please murder your family
[12:41am] Dell: you guys are gay
(06:41:44 PM) Dell: I had gay sex with 3 transexuals in a bar filled with baby
brains once
<PLQDR> I have an awesome idea for a game, that's quite simple.. but I have
no idea how to program it... | <Yossarian> make a kickstarter for it and
pocket the money instead of making the game
<Dell> pls bb, I'm straighter than a hola hoop
<Dell> I somehow bullshitted my way into being CEO of Micrsooft. What are
the best ways to being good at this CEO shit, 4chan? Obviously bing will be my
biggest lifeline, but how can I fuck over these bastards with touch screen only
<Yossarian> hey guys what if we formed a terrorist organization called
al-Gentoo and literally fought for users' freedoms
Dell's the type of guy who'd fuck someone in the ass & not even have the
god-damned decency to give him a reach-around
< Yuki> Is "virtual reality" an onomatopoeia
< TechEmporium> I really fucking hate obama, if I was american I'd vote for
the republican party.
<TechEmporium> >Not hiring suicide bombers
<Yuki> You're tatarded.
haha wow bro epic meme! ~mongaj the broseph
<Yuki> You guys are idiots.
< Dell> Gay Sex is like a guessing game, will your partner shit on your dick
or not?
<rhaps0dy> OS X is prettty good
<@bananafish> Dell: stop being a fagt
<Yuki> What do you guys have in your icon folder? | <TechEmporium>
<fontain> hos dos instal gento
<murinon> install my dick into ur ass
<floby> >being so insecure your manually pass an argument to .quote that
you know will be about yourself
<ajax> Guys respect to all the countries of Europe for the support of the
Ukrainian people! I love you! I respect Obama!!!
<floby> are you fucking kidding me dell couldnt even use nano
<brawls> why the fuck do we talk about jews and nazis everyday
[7:46pm] BenBB: Ubuntu isn't bloated at all.
<~bananafish> death by emerge
<fontain> AS LONG AS BALLS DON'T TOUCH, NOT GAY <TheWalrus> Thats what
my friend said when I was in 3rd grade. Dayum he was wrong.
<floby> i was blacked out on xanax one day on campus and apparently
registered democrat and voted for obama
< Kamrusepas> TechEmporium, Someday's I wish I was Yuki, voting liberal,
converting to Islam and watching degenerate cartoons.
<Yuki> Raspis are for aspies.
< Yuki> If they had a silver case made entirely of aluminum it would be
< mongaj> Dell i'm sure you would be okay with going to the grocery store
and buying a nice packaged sirloin. and then taking it home and repeatedly fuck it
<floby> office 2k13 is pretty damn sexy
<bananafish> one ftp to rule them all <sneak> one ftp to find them
<baudlord> one ftp to download them all and in the servers store them
<@floby> send that switch some packets <@floby> switches love packets
<~bananafish> ;0)
< honeyblossom> Sinc is litterally a talking toms hardware
<Yuki> Someone told me I would be even more minimalistic if I just got rid
of the iPod altogether, but I punched him in the face and stole his wallet.
<mongaj> Yuki that is wrong because you are too beta to do that
* Kamrusepas tips compiler
sinc is the flagship of autism
<Dell> stop underestimating me
<Yuki> If I dropped my pants and shit on my keyboard, the conversation it
would create would be better than the one we're having now.
< baudlord> we need a status.status.installgentoo.com to know when
status.installgentoo.com is down
12:31 < baudlord> fap with your non dominant hand
<Sinc> beer went full social
<Sinc> beer went full social <Sinc> You never go full social
<floby> i literally have every command aliased like ls=ssh localhost ls
<~bananafish> estoy tocino
<floby> are you using mint <fontain> yes
<dragon_d> i'm dragon d
21:31 < forthewolves> we used to just mail the backup hard drives away every
5 months to a random address found
Codr3anu> I remember this one autist who forced me to learn perl, he was
addicted to speed, coke, heroin and bad descisions
<beer> fucking love beer
< xisalty > I dunno, you're jewish I assumed you like coupons
<bananafish> you have to be a special brand of asshole to be that successful
< pictron>: guys dont worry I can always come back a few months later andsay
I was "considering my sexuality" and am now straight forsure
<floby> benis
[9:12pm] TP: son, i don't want to get a calculator and measuring tape after i
discharged a week-long howitzershell out of my angus
<beer> my bones are great!
15:55 < gnutechs> why is quote 468 just ". that is not quote-worthy, it
makes me sad.
<bananafish> sinc tier is like, my gpg secured text file on the SD card I
ate already passed through my system
< baudlord> I sucked massive cock
[10:29pm] shelpe: >we see that he has gained a form of dementia, and keeps
repeating one line, over and over: “banana fish”.
<Jaeger> and I am very good at sex
implying I didn't feel her hymen
<Jaeger> and I am very good at sex
fake quote detected, stooping to a lower level.
22:19 < NulledNets@> vashidu, stop being a faggot
<fable> when I right click it only says "What's This?"
< fable> encrypted arch so that windows viruses can't fuck with my linnux
shelpe: tfw im in ur irc spammen ur chanell
please visit http://sergio.blogs.installgentoo.com/ if you would like to view a
great blog.
<gobi> easy way is the wrong way
<idiot2k > when do men grow their condom i am 21 and still dont have one
< dell> Get Hype
<@Sinc> I'm the Patron Saint of Shit
Dell is retarded.
Dell is a retarded pedophile.
<forthewolves> Blaze it Faggots.
<Dell> and I wanna clear my system of all drugs <dell> by smoking
everythig I have left
<forthewolves> 420 PRAISE IT FAGGOTS
< shelpe> i occasionally draw penises too dell
All praise Allah.
<Vomiting_Kermit> It doesn't need to be random access to be RAM.
../touch ExocomWasHere.cp
happy father's day!
< dell> I enjoy penis < pictron> me too
< dell> I once took a shovel and hemmoraged dirt in my asshole
* Mad has kicked gtrackerbot3 from #installgentoo (Stop repeating yourself!
< onezerothreethree> .roulette < gtrackerbot3> *TICK* -!- gtrackerbot3
was kicked from #installgentoo by Mad (Stop repeating yourself!) <
onezerothreethree> bang
<Sinc> I saved people time <Sinc> and symlinked everything to
systemctl poweroff <Sinc> Because if they're using systemd, life is already
dell : >implying my name isn't alexander
>knowing dell, he wont touch his dad because he's too old for him
<yac> just found this shit <yac> what is going on in here?
<floby> tears of impotent rage normally
< X41> guys < X41> i just realized why men snore < X41> it's
because their balls < X41> wait for it < X41> fall over their butthole
< X41> and that causes a vapor lock
<Exocom> <TechEmporium> <Jaeger> I fell right into his master
plan of pretending to be trolled, then saying he trolled me
<+dell> too bad im not stupid
<+dell> id problably have a 3 way with bananafish and his gf too | <
rhaps0dy> dell stop
< X41> seriously though, why are the chicks on onlyjailbaitorbelow.xxx
looking so young?
<~bananafish> watch out ladies here comes pictran
<dell> pictron <dell> can we have a threesome <dell> me you and
your gf
<X41> flat, perfect fit in hand, bigger than hand but still small enough and
what i call "the perfect weather to motorboat" a.k.a. "my new hat"
<S3tanta> it's unfair that women get paid 25% less than men for doing 25% as
much work as men do
+dell:� >hold my ass open while I fart on a liter and be a farting drago
<xisalty> I have loadsa cp
train:� i have a modest penis. The hormones shrink it a little and change the
EpilepticSoldier:� i fantasize about Sinc's mother and pleasure myself with my
< shelpe> what if my penis is used to authenticate to online services <
gobi> your password is too small
< ajax> | you fagot who Fingering girls but once would not dare to approach
girls and insert cock between her legs!
[12:05pm] ajax: brawls I fucked you in the mouth you sweaty ass!
< baudlord> bananafish: do kids come with a manpage? <~bananafish> man
stop_crying < rhaps0dy> No manual entry for stop_crying
<S3tanta> How is it gay to want to fuck somebody strong and hard and tough?
<Firebolt1914> but for that i need rtorrent <Firebolt1914> and i'd
need to install cygwin or whatever
<Jamie> fedora is great
<@NulledNets> its not a party unless the saltiness of your tears burns your
cock hole
<funco> i want to be the robert pattinson general of an army of schoolgirls
without underwear
<funco> i want to be the robert pattinson general of an army of schoolgirls
without underwear
<dell> Because I don't spam and act like a little prick like you exocom.
<Dell> gay anus sex
<+Dell> I took the rainbow pill, I now support gay marriage XD
<NulledNets> My grammar is worse than amds drivers
<FATA> bananafish not give me seedbox?
<murinon> what is mutracker <plebeian> what.cd but even better
<floby> the only reason you use debian is because youre a babby duck who
wants to look cooler than ubuntu users
<TP> Do i need to wear rubber shoes for static typing?
<S3tanta> "It's OK your honour, I got those pictures from /pol/"
<floby> fuck off and die
every quote is dell
<@plebeian> giving rats cancer is like the easiest thing ever
<forthewolves> Development? We push to production here.
DELL DELL DELL DELL DELL dell Dell dell Dell
>S3tanta: Sometimes I wish I was Jewisg
<dell> GOD IS A SERB
19:47 < nani> >as of today, 4chan is now available over IPv6. 19:47 <
nani> we fuckin did it boys
kira$ i'm a weaboo with a life
<Turbo> I wonder if others will see if I add quote in a PM to gtb3
<S3tanta> If I stay on a browser I can occasionaly glance at wikipedia for
10 seconds before I get bored and watch porn instead
<@NulledNets> you shuold stab her death while she sleeps
<not_vista> My less-then-techy uncle got me an OS X 10.5 install disk once
for christmas | <TechEmporium> Did you have a Mac? | <not_vista> Nope
plebeian jaeger dosnt drink beer, do we kill him
< TheWalrus> Damn I love cock
<TechEmporium> >Or Arch NT | <TheWalrus> >wat |
<TechEmporium> >Running Arch with the Windows NT kernel |
<TechEmporium> Good god that would be nasty | <TheWalrus> Eww, I need
to douche my butthole now
<TP> what is islam's fetish with beheading things? <plebeian> they
just don’t want their enemies to get ahead of themselves
MY dick hurts
< floby_> *tips custom kernel*
qiiv meant to say: GAY PRIDE WORLD WIDE
<TechEmporium> Beats Dell liking his boys the same as his whiskey
<TechEmporium> Beats Dell liking his boys the same as his whiskey; 2 years
old & mixed with coke
bananafish floby dell sinc vashidu ganye yuki nukke siven Turbo plebeian pictron
s3anta eregus nullednets Jaeger jacob tp lolwut beer
/kick dell
<ganye> > there's a folder called "mkdir"
<sneak> never not make shit up
<omer> who's floby? <Taku> A kid who went without christmas because
all his money went into bitcoins
<S3tanta> But one guy did lick my face a lot
<Sinc> .minify nukke's dick <Sinc> Operation failed: Already
<axujen> systemd just werks <axujen> systemd is the missing piece for
<floby> qiiv: go listen to linkin park and tell your parents youre athiest
<Sinc@> >not being a m4m regular
< S3tanta> Is pussy juice just piss?
< plebeian> i look my cat deeply in her eyes when i spunk all over the
<S3tanta> If we talk about fecal matter but we're all learning about biology
and chemistry by talking about it... would it still be shitposting?
[12:41am] webfriend_: tis is quite a retarted place
<brawls > whats the syntax on gtb3
<dell> techemporium i am a raging degenerate
Jaeger:� You banned me for posting "CP" when I uploaded a picture of my daughter,
< Sec> Everyone here uses Gentoo < g0dpleb> thats a little sad
<g0dpleb> I have an android phone though... <g0dpleb> faggots
<g0dpleb> >using android
< Sec> dat feel having cocks up your ass
<S3tanta> No, that's the point, if more people got high and did what they
wanted instead of studying in school, we would have a more skilled workforce
<S3tanta> I'm proof that teachers are wrong about everything <jacob>
S3tanta: special snowflake
<S3tanta> Radiation isn't nearly as harmful as people claim
<S3tanta> I've seen a lot of dicks
@NulledNets:� the internet has aids
<S3tanta> I'm sure we can make ourselves look like girls with makeup and
<S3tanta> I'd even suck her soft feminine dick
< train> but i generally don't date people who dont have penises
shelpe:� do you not have friends, faggot? moochi:� I've watch friends moochi:�
>Dell: I literally cannot stop sucking cock and fufill my lonliness with a man
who has a mental illness
<dell> .addquote :^3
<dell> .addquote :^3
<dell> .addquote :^3 / * Mad has kicked dell from #installgentoo (Watch your
language!) / <gtrackerbot3> dell: Quote added. / * dell
(dell@gen2-653BADBF.static.grandenetworks.net) has joined / <dell> .quote
595 / <gtrackerbot3> dell: Quote 595 of 595: :^3 / <TechEmporium> lel
:^) *le ebin meme faec*
< S3tanta> I fucking love dicks
<dell> I'm not gay, I just enjoy cock | <S3tanta> I fucking love dicks
< S3tanta> There's nothing gay about wanting to be fucked by a big strong
<Logan> amd has more cores
sneak:� I stuck my dick in a core router once
<plebeian> fuck knows, evolution hasn’t gotten to them yet
<Turbo> benis
TechEmporium: the only difference between the Scottish & the Welsh is that the
Scottish dominate their sheep during sex, while the Welsh are submissive
jacob >mfw there are people with nothing better to do than to harass tumblr
<Sinc> Anyone who says "he was hung" when describing anything but dick size
should be hanged
<Jerry> So what's the deal with airline food?
<forthewolves> and thats why think beer is a faggot
<beer> jacob: they want to make it free as in beer, I think
<Jaeger> >Spamming quotes
Dell's the type of guy who'd fuck someone in the ass & not even have the
god-damned decency to give him a reach-around
<TheWalrus> i love dick
<vashidu> .addquote <TheWalrus> i love dick
vashidu for hop 8/1/2014
<Turbo> █ <floby> <Turbo> 1,1 <floby> 0,0
<Dingo> for instance whenever you partion your disk for a linux distro
install you get two partions: C; and whateber the second one is called. If I ever
decide to advance to a more technical distro and uninstall the current distro ,
could i use the same partion used for the first distro?
< Jaeger> Stop being a cunt, you're not floby
<@S3tanta> The ultimate conspiracy theory is that conspiracy theories are
tools of the elite to distract you from the truth
< S3tanta> tbh, I'm more arroused by the prospect of making necrophelia a
legal and profitable business than having sex with a corpse
[4:11pm] AnonBro: i've recently taken to calling my dick the sweaty spaghetti
<Sinc> gtb3 is a wizard
Does any of you know if I can access framebuffer from terminal emulator instead of
only termina
14:43 < forthewolves> it puts the lotion on the skin or it gets the gentoo
<Turbo> Shit, I forgot my yandex password <TP> Recovery question: How
does one patch KDE2 in openbsd?
14:12 < S3tanta> Fine 14:12 < S3tanta> ban me 14:12 -!-
mode/#installgentoo [+b *!*@3359D524.F3A67055.A4E1BF06.IP] by floby
<Turbo> gtrackerbot3 is the only staff member except bfish who can actually
help you (.help)
<NulledNets> I think nickserv has a six or three month auto deletion
<NulledNets> Don't qoute me on that though
<Sinc> All you underageb&
<vista> >>>#install/pol/
>X41: Jaeger u know everything
<X41> Jaeger u know benis
<Exocom> I love BitLocker
<bisasam> Works for me (TM)
<Turbo> >implying other quotes aren't complete shit
Every night before you go to bed you must thank the men who fought at The Alamo
for your freedom.
17:30 < Exocom> But r9k was a breath of fresh shit
<bananafish> get drunk
<lowercaseletters> install windows
< rhaps0dy> remember when we didn't have cancerous quotes?
<S3tanta> ,addquote <floby> I am secretly jealous of how 1337 s3tanta
;rl7ymn;lr45umn8;lratatnimgfn;lnkmbnjnkasrmuj;tmjz;gj as;rlj
nareunaetmh;dzflhnaelt;nulztgj nfzd'mhz;ldmuhjfgjm;fxg, jm;lsrtm
Quote added.
<dell> What's the best thing about fucking twenty five year olds? There's 20
of them
<dell> What's the best thing about fucking eighty eight year olds? There's
eighty of them
<dell> What's the best thing about fucking eighty eight year olds? There's
eighty of them! That quality joke was told to me by the handsome, smart, sexy
intelligent Exocom; also known as My Liege Sergio.
.quote 650: They are in nazi age?
<dell> I'm applying to work for the FBI so I can get paid to look at CP
<dell> I'm applying to work for the Pizza Hut so I can get paid to cook CP
<Turbo> >implying all other quotes aren't complete shit
Help me! I'm trapped in a quote generator!
dell is a fagget
<ganye> quit fucking spamming shitty false quotes
< Einstein> Nothing can travel faster than the speed of light, except for a
Jew with a coupon
<Exocom> But adding quotes of what you say before you say them is like
talking in the third person.
<Hitler> I killed myself when I saw the gas bill, my fault for supplying the
Jews with free heating
<S3tanta> .addquote <dell> What's the best thing about fucking twenty
five year olds? There's 20 of them \n <S3tanta> .addquote <dell>
What's the best thing about fucking eighty eight year olds? There's eighty of them
\n <S3tanta> .addquote <dell> I'm applying to work for the FBI so I
can get paid to look at CP \n <Exocom> .addquote <dell
<Taylor_Swift> If the Jewish newspapers think they can intimidate us with
their hidden threats, they'd better watch out! One day, we'll shut their dirty,
lying Jewish mouths!
<Compaq> For you people, anything that has a GUI and big repo is bloated
<sneak> but i think ive seen those balls before
<sneak> #ig band would be called sneak turdo and the gentoes
<sneak>i only shit once or twice a week dude
<mah> and i dont really have opinions yet. i just reiterate shit ive seen or
heard or tested
<mah> yeah i was wrong
22:18 < S3tanta> I had sex with a fat girl once 22:18 < S3tanta> I
didn't like it
<dell> be more like dell
<jack> I don't get why you all are so opposed to new people coming here. You
act like it is your own personal club even though it's plastered on the front page
of /g/
Turbo [Turbo@gen2-1A5D29AC.uznam.net.pl] has quit [User has been permanently
banned from installgentoo (for u bb)]
<Turbo> fibobnacci
<dell> and you're extremly jewish
17:14 < jack> man why is programming so hard :/
<S3tanta> I'm glad I was bullied in school
<Sinc> ayy lmao
<plebeian> I'm a huge fagget
<pictron> do you remember the ayyy lmao
<TechEmporium> S3tanta's a kike-loving, necrophiliac, sub bottom
<beer> I love rum
<TP> dell is my sekret lover
<shelpe> and only then can Dellfag burn in hell ~The Lord
<vista> ""if god didn't exist, it would be a necessity to invent him"
-voltaire" -euphoric teenager
<Yuki> sneak may be sneaky, but we can't say nothing gets past him.
21:36 < S3tanta> I could get so much pussy if I was 2 inches taller
<jacob> if you boast about the size of your dick you need to get your shit
<camoyoshi> Haddaway <camoyoshi> Aw Turbo went offline <sneak>
why no update <sneak> what is love? * vista has quit (Ping timeout: 183
seconds) <camoyoshi> baby don't hurt me <camoyoshi> don't hurt me
<camoyoshi> no more... <sneak> what is love? <sneak> yeah
<sneak> I don't know why you're not there <sneak> I give you my love
but you don't care <sneak> so what is right and what is wrong <sneak>
gimme a
< TechEmporium> I prefer the Palestinian band called Jew Fighters
<ganye> beer: what happened to not drinking m8 <beer> I said a week,
not forever
🍺 🍺 🍺 🍺 🍺 🍺 🍺 🍺 🍺 🍺 🍺 🍺 🍺 🍺 🍺 🍺 🍺 🍺 🍺 🍺 🍺 🍺 🍺 🍺 🍺 🍺 🍺 🍺 🍺 🍺 🍺 🍺 🍺 🍺 🍺 🍺 🍺 🍺
<nukke> Left To Dry
<Jaeger> I'd rather breed a gypsy than a jew
<dell> I love molesting kids
<plebeian> Turbo: fajne rzeczy
<webfriend_> i have very big balls
<anon> Shaun is a faggot
< sdb1> "hey kid, want some python? i can offer you some c# or haskell if
you want some... later?"
<jacob> i thought turbo used irc by sneaking over the border into germany
delI:� we are taking shifts for yoou so you can talk shit 24/7
<HackADay> [Turbo] is a disabled Chiahuahua (..)
"If i become president i will make sure that every kid at 12 years age can read,
write and install Gentoo" ~bananafish
<beer> I have so much pot readily available all the time from all over the
<shelpe> yayger, because Jaeger is so cheery all the time. yay
<Jaeger> Fuck off, Shelpe
S3tanta> all I have to do is talk shit about things I don't understand like I
do here, but they don't know that I'm clueless so they end up thinking I'm a
<Rifterabjd> "I dream of a future with open source viruses"
<pictron> im lifeguard fucking certified and am one of the fastest swimmers
in the county
<ASVP|FLOBY> how do they put mashed potatoes in french fries?
<dell> you guys are fagts
<sneak> I am a dumbfuck brainless mog
brawls:� my dicks p floby atm
01:03 <jacob > if you're in university and only learning in class, you're
seriously missing out
@plebeian$ just embrace the fact that you can't change anything really
pictron niggers tongue my anus
<TechEmporium> Going to sleep. Take it easy, guys
<S3tanta> dicks are yum
11:59 < sneak> svn > git
<Jamie>.addquote spam
15:42 < gobi> cant compile love with libautism
<dell> i am seriously this retarded
~bananafish:� dell your bank info isnt worth the paper I would write it on
nukke:� you get the dell stamp of post quality
<TechEmporium> topkek at the camel-packing | <moltenpopsicle> I have
shitty, uncoordinated hands, so I could never do anything like that
bananafish I am alcohol
<TechEmporium> Verbal diarrhea is what pictron & dell spam on this channel
each day of their lives
< dell> lets all buy apple iwatches as a epic joke
TP:� 'groids will rape you untill you're more cum than man
Sinc: I drink boxed white zinfandel while watching fox
17:35 < dell> how do i reset my router
< Bax> Please let me hold a girls hand once in my life before I die of
<pictron> holy fuck my arse hurts
nukke:� I wanted Lennart's dick in my anus | nukke:� that's why I run Fedora
<Yuki> Selling out to Microsoft is like hitting a home run with a metal bat.
<Yuki> Everyone claps, but deep down you feel only shame.
S3tanta Minecraft Enterprise Edition
<camoyoshi> NetBSD isn't even on the top 100 on DW...
<Rifterabjd> and so the quotewar begins
sneak go to hell. go directly to hell. do not past go. do not collect £200
<S3tanta> I'd fuck 2 of my cousins given the chance if I knew it would stay
a secret and not result in pregnancy
"Germans destroyed death camps, and yet we're somehow the villains?!"
<sneak> well
<sneak> well <sneak> nobody visits me <sneak> but point remains
no gobi's were harmed in making this quote
< Rifterabjd> >not doing your businiess in the childrens playground
< TechEmporium> No Jews mean good news
< Dell> i imagine little kids coming and telling you how "high" they got on
your drugs
<TP> for god's sake jamie
<xisalty> floby, :GO ? | <Yuki> By all means, :GO.
<Sinc> no
<Rifterabjd> .addquote <Sinc> no
14:46 < Jamie> I don't get why they don't just run ethernet from the cabinet
to your house instead of that shitty VDSL shit
01:09 < nukke> ganye: you really need to be careful how you talk about me on
the forum, i dont appreciate it. tone down the disrespect, i dont know where
you're from but where i am from, we dont tolerate that. dont even reply to this,
<plebeian@> but first i need to take a dump
15:02 < S3tanta> when girls told me their friends wanted to meet me I always
thought it was an elaborate plot to bully me or something
<shelpe> You think glining is funny business? Several shitposters have lost
their livlihood.
<Sinc> Shut the fuck up pictron
22:50 < Rayor> I'm looking for retention over speed 22:50 < TP> my
grandpa´s bladder has neither
<nukke> cpp is good.
16:44 * rhaps0dy gets in sneak
<Jaeger> Based sneak
< Jaeger> i'm a massive faggot please rape my face
<brawls> TechEmporium: no reciprocation
<dell> i hope he enjoys me cum on his hand
I'm TechEmporium, packer of camels into Honda Civic trunks
<brawls> fucking cant find the multimeter <brawls> TP: can i borrow ur
[17:59:05] <baudlord> plebeian: you will become me eventually
-!- baSinc is now known as KitchenSinc
< S3tanta_> where are we going? < shelpe> to magical rape land
<Gustopher> I've been told I have birthing hips
< Helloguise> I have a small-to-medium dick size and low IQ, needless to say
how fucked up I am, feels worse than a Beta since I barely have the guts to do
[23:11:56] <Dell> honestly i dont give a fuck anymore, im just gonna ignore
everyone elses spamming and do my own thing
<kythera> i love you yuki you remind me of a buetifull anime girl with tits
Kytheras the kind of faggot who smokes a skin pipe and doesn't even have the
decency to tell TechEmproium that hes better than him.
23:46 < kythera> I am diagnosed with a autistic spectrum disorder PDD-NOS
plebeian sets ban on plebian*!*@*
pull a sinc
[23:55:37] <%fLobY> im literally smart enough that i be addicted to heroin
and more productive and skillful than you
< Exocom> But then she will just think you're gay and he's gay and you're
rubbing your fissile gay penises together to create bombs
<Rifterabjd> so ssh is a way of taking controll of a computer over the
internet right? sorta like teamviewer?
[00:47:13] <X41> i've got a boyfriend
[00:58:38] <X41> never thought i'd ever kiss a dude [00:58:53] <X41>
but wow i'm okay with kissing a dude
<S3tanta> You guys can be pretty beta sometimes
< rhaps0dy> you have no baud!
< Jaeger> I fucked my ex yesterday < Jaeger> By mistake
11:36 < jacob> calibur: do you know a wannabe russian guy with a 3 year old
daughter whose mom is native?
<shelpe> tfw vashid.us is a better hosting service than bagel could ever be
< Yuki> shelpe: I am currently printing out everything you have ever said
< Yuki> And shoveling it into my fireplace. < Yuki> That's how dead
you are to me right now.
<Jaeger> Dell is banned btw
<Jaeger> Dell is banned btw <Jaeger> Dunno for what <plebeian> i
knew for what but i forgot
<Nirvash> I have a site hosted at "localhost" and I would like to let others
access it. How can you access local host from anywhere?
9>tfw colors are allowed
23:52 < camoyoshi> I'm in a accredited 4 year program to supplement my 2yr
<brawls> tho you know even tho ur education is pretty worthless you ve a cat
< Yuki> Remember: When you remove the assburgers, all that's left is an
<brawls> theres a TP in everyones life
<rhaps0dy> javascript ain't that bad of a language
< TimHortons> get off your lazy ass and walk to the vbox instance when he
wants Vm's.
TimHortons> i am still not even
<Sinc> If he passes the turing test <Sinc> He's already ahead of 90%
of this network
23:46 < kythera> I am toast. I cannot take that chance. I think that
<TimHortons> gtb3 is dead, long live TimHortons
[15:24:50] <TimHortons> and they imported about 50 niggers imported from
"african countries"
<TimHortons> floby: oh, timhortons is brawls
< TimHortons> I love that Yuki hires $5 transsexual Brazilian prostitutes
[15:43] < Jaeger> | >Just fapped to anime girls being raped by bugs
<TimHortons> | Ganye and Floby confirmed for dum
[23:11:56 <Dell> honestly i dont
< TimHortons> I'm voting for independence ;)
Kytheras the kind of
plebeian sets ban on plebian*!*@*
pull a shelpe.
<TimHortons> camoyoshi shut up
< windrunner> why would anyone wanted to be slav
<TimHortons> wasn't that hot gay porno of ganye fucking floby
<beer> what's the payload size? | <TechEmporium> 547 kB | <beer>
I only have ~15GB to share | <TechEmporium> lel I usually tend to have small
payload sizes | <TechEmporium> Wait; that didn't sound right
NulledNets has kicked bananafish (NulledNets)
<reddN> mind you I'm studying to become a sysadmin so watch your words
<TechEmporium> KVM's just a front-end
<dell> what's the best part about twenty three year olds
<Rifterabjd> so ssh is a //~Buzzword+Free~// Zone
<S3tanta> Deep down inside, I know that I'm an idiot, but maybe if I try
hard enough I can fool people into thinking I'm smart
< lowercaseletters> eeeh most furry porn is done in wide screen
This is quote 831
Salty : "I can't tie my shoes but I can fuck your bitch" - Jaeger
< Jaeger> I simply choose not to hold a job
18:11 < S3tanta> I'm 50/50 on whether or not I would fuck a tranny
< S3tanta> I've had sex with several men but it doesn't count because I was
drunk so really I'm a virgin
<jacob> tumblr is right
<sneak> Getting a bit tired, no problem, I'll go downstairs and get some
wakeup juice, all while maintaining my erection
<~bananafish> too rare to live and too weird to breed
< jacob> | .addquote <~bananafish> too rare to live and too weird to
<MasterShake> yoyo guys whats goin on happy new year everyone its been a few
<MasterShake> yoyo guys whats goin on happy new year everyone its been a few
weeks <sneak> moron
TimHortons : TimHortons: how arey ou toda
< fbn> | does anyone want malwarebytes premium?
< shelpe> from what i understand, a dedi is just a pimped out vps
< TimHortons> salty is so /b/
<MasterShake> yoyo guys whats goin on happy new year.
<TimHortons> S3tanta: you're unemployed
<TimHortons> shelpe is literally 25% of South Korea's economy
<floby> only sneak makes quality posts
<Nukke> It's impossible to tell the difference between 30 and 60fps
<ganye> it's easier to just run Windows bare metal with an Arch VM
[20:27] < S3tanta> I ran a portscan on my FreeBSD VM and it changed its IP
< Jaeger> The best pussy Ive ever seen in person was that 14 year olds
< Yuki> If you remove the right wing this plane will crash.
<nigger> How easily exploitable.....
< darkfm> why is guzzling cum so much fun
<Yuki> It rains cats and dogs and it hails hitler.
<dashel_scarborough> TechEmporium: I can suck it myself
< Yuki> Girls are like their boobs.
< TimHortons> in a flame fueled by 1337 jews and babys
[23:11:56 <Dell> honestly i dont
<ganye> I am become floby, destroyer of fun
<Rifterabjd> so ssh is much less Linux/GNU
< TimHortons> .addquote <Rifterabjd> so ssh is much less Linux/GNU
<plebeian> floby could be filled with dells or shelpes
12:07 < TimHortons> >mayo thinks he's p popular on /r/gonewild
<floby> >no clean underwear <floby> >have to sniff for least
foul pair
<S3tanta> also I'm beta
< nukke> ok yeah I'm retarded.
< TimHortons> fLobY: Nobody has thought of starting productive conversations
< TimHortons> i would even get replies
<shelpe> >he'll be in the Armie! <TimHortons> like the homosexual
gay fag he is
S3tanta > I think Jaeger is actually one of the most autistic people here
<vuksavic> its a known fact that i am a traitor
<Salty> i am a jewish cunt
<vuksavic> i live just because.
<mayo> Free money is bad
<Jaeger> I suck dick for money
<TechEmporium> And was it your mother? | <mayo> i paid her in dick :3
What did MasterShake do to that girl in
with your STD-covered dick?
< ganye> kindergarten would be perfect
< MasterShake_> oh hey its the dude i doxxd
floby&> i dont understand why those incapable of running arch, run arc
[17:38:18] <TimHortons> tfw the liberal canadians will reform jaeger into
something less pathetic
* | rhaps0dy fucks puts himself into his asshole
[10:18:23] <TimHortons> back to bangin' that smoking hot single mum
TimHortons │ come back as differnt nick, everyones a dick
< Rifterabjd> nah, im busy going on a jihad to ISIS, just so i can brag to
Sven about how tolerant i am
< mayo> S3tanta: im a muslim.
<TimHortons> and i were like "COOL YOURE A JEW!!! YOU CONTROL THE WORLD!!!"
< TimHortons> Implying Dell could produce anything germane
mayo > we arent saying fuck you for trying. we are saying fuck you for not
what you need is basic problem solving skills
11:57 < voke> I don't need to because I told the teacher about my autism and
how I use Linux, so he makes an exception for me
< TimHortons> is not quote-worthy
15:22 < TimHortons> arch is derived from opium, though. :^)
<TimHortons> >mfw mayo doesnt realize CS is NOT GOOD
21:40 <&floby> jacob: idk i dont look at minorities
<Rift> tfw i just wanted some advice and i got a flamewar instead
< mayo> S3tanta: im a little
< TimHortons> just ban handicapped people
12:07 < TimHortons> There's only enough nukes to bomb serbia
10:53 <&floby> i call it "life" 10:53 <&floby> outsiders call it
21:40 <&floby> jacob: idk i just posted the link
<TimHortons> stroke my penis nani
14:52 < TimHortons> vuksavic, you should die
14:09 < TimHortons> No single-disk setup can match my 800-disk RAID
<TimHortons> sinc now confirmed shit <TimHortons> a real brogrammer
17:03 < dan> once i shot what i thought was a piece of coke i had dropped on
the ground but it turned out to be like a piece of drywall and my whole face
swelled up
<vuksavic> .ask is ganye a fgt? <gtrackerbot5> vuksavic: yes
<taco> Hi gayne are you a mod?
<TimHortons> lmfao at TimHortons flaming blacks for bein illirate
< TimHortons> you can even help Rifter build his Cuckshed
< TimHortons> social justice jew kill your soul
< nani> .tweet @timcook gay < TimHortons> make me gay mayo
<nani> .tweet @obama negro <TimHortons> like an uneducated negro slave
TimHortons │ floby's more correct than its worth
<TimHortons> /quote samode #dicks +o x41
TimHortons │ nani is gay forthewolves
< TimHortons> jacob: shoulda did engineering and rode that sweet sweet
exemption train
<TimHortons> havent seen one episode and the six gorellion kikes that died?
<floby> pc boys | <TimHortons> Kill yourself slowly
TimHortons │ mayo has been living the dream
jacob │ >abandoning your principles for popularity
<TimHortons> after they switched netherlands and neanderthalds
<TimHortons> lmfao at TimHortons flaming blacks for bein illirate
+gtrackerbot5> kira: Sorry, no results for 'cucking'.
17:35 < TimHortons> writing C feels sooooo good when it's thinned down into
a mental disorder
<TimHortons> TimHortons spittin' fire out here
19:16 < nani> i think ganye kinda hopes i don't turn out to be a fuccboi but
for now is just generally disappointed but tolerates me
<floby> mfw i was the "sober driver"
<Spry> ok uh how do I remove a drill bit
11:57 < voke> I can't
<Spry> and basicly I'm just a fucking shit
<TimHortons> building a glorious Southern Confederacy to trigger Redditors.
<TimHortons> i got flacko fucked up
<TechEmporium > I'm a big fat fatty nigger and I suck dick all day long
<Spry/Dash/voke/vokec/etc.> I'm a drop-out who's gateway drug is Adderall &
I admit that I'm gay
<TechEmporium > Honestly, I was lieing the whole time, I don't actually have
a girlfriend and I'm actually gay
<Spry/Dash/voke/vokec/etc.> The reason I have no gf is because I bend over
for niggers in Compton for free
<TechEmporium> Oh, Spry, I'll send you pics of my dick if you like, I know
you're not gay but i just want you to see them because I'm so gay and I love
shoving my dick in childrens faces
<Spry/Dash/voke/vokec/etc.> Oh, Tech, I'll send you pics of my dick if you
like, I know you're not gay but i just want you to see them because I'm so gay and
I love shoving my dick in childrens faces, though they're going to be low-rez shit
<TechEmporium> Oh, Spry, I'll send you pics of my dick if you like, I know
you're not gay but i just want you to see them because I'm so gay and I love
shoving my dick in childrens faces, I also love adding fake quotes to gtrackerbot5
<Spry/Dash/voke/vokec/etc.> TechEmporium's right about me; I keep on
shitposting & get upset when I get banned from every network I go to
<TimHortons> so any ideas besides becoming a muslim, TechEmporium.
< Timmie> ganye yea ban them
<Timmie> but they've forgot one simple fact, that Javascript is a ***BAD
<ganye> [minivuk] is just his schizophrenic playmate that he manifests on
irc to convince himself he's still sane
<Rifterabjd> so ssh is a [deleted supporter
< TimHortons> Yuki: no virgins allowed pls
< TimHortons> fuck arch, use gentoo yuki
<Timmie> but they've lived there for 2
<ERDK> Wait what. Pacman.conf is a text file
<TimHortons> i still luv u floby
TimHortons │ Isn't ganye currently employed as a $5 transsexual Brazilian
prostitute fucker in my /eepsite/docroot directory
<TP> so here we have one minor with imminent heart failure and one with
early onset Alzheimers
01:27 < TimHortons> I'm 12 extremely hot secret agents and computer stuff..
<Kamrusepas> traps are perfectly normal and heterosexual.
<NulledNets> Rekt City instates new mayor plebeian
19:21 <@jacob> it's not aboose when ganye does it
<Yuki>One shillion jews died in the holocaust
<Jaeger_Mobile> I hired a $20 whore, was told to get a shower, and while I
was showering, she stole my pants with my wallet inside.
<@ganye> time for the good ol' -Syu; <@ganye> fuck I might need to
just re-install Arch
<S3tanta> >Not fucking your tranny cousin
< Jaeger_Mobile> How am I like an edgy teenager who hates everything
12:45 < Saltines> And brawls is the weirdo who'd fap to that shit
<TimHortons> There are poeple who purchase apple products unironically?
[23:11:56 <Dell> honestly I have.
<TimHortons> Floby: Chechens are whiter than mayo.
<TimHortons> TechEmporium's right.
<TimHortons> Ayy an albino nigger.
<netburn> as a liberal i believe in equality and tolerance
< TimHortons> >Tech being right.
<TimHortons> death to normalfags
< shane> I want to know what the fuck the appeal to this operating system is
<sneak> shane, you're a faggot
< TimHortons> Bully the slavpoors.
<TimHortons> All this shitposting. I feel fucking terrible.
< TimHortons> All this shitposting. I feel fucking terrible.
< TimHortons> All this shitposting. I feel fucking terrible.
<vista_> hey fags
< Jamie> tumblr rocks
<Jamie> check out my tumblr guys http://chickwithadick.tumblr.com
14:04 < TimHortons> H-hey floby, c-can we make a _good_ markov bot?
<floby> homeless people should learn to make apps <floby> then they
wouldnt be homeless
<TimHortons> Speedom of freech.
< mayo> yeah someone cant read; < mayo> I misread jamie as james. sue
TimHortons │ To be clear mayo, this is brawls.
[21:29] < Jaeger_Mobi> | The "old army guys" love Combat
<vuksavic> he already ate half of my brains damnit
<TechEmporium> Now there's a dank meme || <TimHortons> Please stop
perpetuating this.
23:33 < netburn> >not downloading single songs from albums off of
< netburn> >not downloading single songs from albums off of limewire <
TimHortons> The person knows how live outside of what.
<sneak> aww <sneak> i wanted quote 1000
floby │ eh idc, if you guys dont clean your ass in the shower you're the real
disgusting ones
<floby> and that concludes todays session labeled "what geriatrics think of
technology" by vuksavic
<Spry> ok uh how do this.
<ganye> what the fuck is a fun?

oh wait shit this is preformatted

oh wait no its not

sorry bfish
<TimHortons> My first troll was filling the gitter page with thousands of
dollars to use.
21:38 < TimHortons> My first troll was filling the gitter page with
thousands of dollars to use.
21:39 < TechEmporium> .addquote 21:39 <TimHortons> My first troll was
filling the gitter page with thousands of dollars to use.
<TP> dutch, danish <TP> they are all cucks
<TimHortons> Vuksavic, sve ti jebem, dje si ti. :D.
<S3tanta> I am a woman with a fully functioning 7 inch penis
<Yuki> TechEmporium is definitely Dell + 10 years + ASM
<TimHortons> Pictron: I'll suicide bomb the #IG servers
18:54 < Jaeger_Mobile> According to the Canadian Armed Forces, Im female
<S3tanta> Servers are gentle creatures, they need to host respectable
content like code, pirated movies and hardcore inter-racial porn
<TimHortons> They log kids talking through cans with a Windows environment
i torrent from my phone alot too
< Kamrusepas> autismsneaks.png
<TimHortons> Tfw high frequency panda in my #meme channel.
< sneak> plebeian, is it healthy to only shit once per week; < sneak>
because i let one go yesterday and it took eight flushes and 34 hours of soaking
to flush
<TimHortons> For that purpose, and NFS is! And yet, HTTP seems to know!
<TimHortons> Ban urself from life?
Floby dragged me kicking and screaming into the "router"
<plebeian> where we're going we don't need manuals
<vista> the young peasant boy is running with a 0.75 m long rod at the half
of the speed of light. How long will the old farmer see the rod as, given that the
farmer has access to modern measuring tools? <ganye> 0.75m. The peasant boy
will disintegrate and drop the rod on the ground, where it will lay motionless
<ganye> next
< TimHortons> I could outroll any nigga here.
< TimHortons> Ftp password pls.
< jacob> "<brawls> [nick]: [verbal diarrhea]" is a meme
< TimHortons> They'll still continue being autistic.
[18:03] --- | plebeian sets modes [#installgentoo +b bananafish!*@*]
<TechEmporium> .ask Did netburn get raped by his grandpa, dad & mom with a
dildo at the age of 7? | <gtrackerbot5> TechEmporium: yes
<TimHortons> Unorganized crime is rising and underreported. But give me, I
can keep their tiny dicks warm.
19:47 < floby> the only tests i fail are drug tests
ganye> derwaffles derwaffles derwaffles derwaffles derwaffles derwaffles
derwaffles derwaffles derwaffles derwaffles derwaffles derwaffles derwaffles
derwaffles derwaffles derwaffles derwaffles derwaffles derwaffles derwaffles
< TimHortons> Django can automatically handle the protocol. Dump body in
ocean. Rinse and repeat.
19:13 < Spry> I mean they do tell me to my face "Fuck you spry" sometimes
19:13 < Spry> but 19:13 < Spry> like 19:13 < Spry> its a joke
19:13 < Spry> I think
<TimHortons> Inb4 floby sucks his dick.
"It is not a lack of love, but a lack of IRC that makes unhappy marriages" -
Friedrich Nietzsche
< rspy> I was trolling
< Exocom> I think I just found CP ... < Exocom> I am enjoying my day
< Exocom> That's misleading
<trapped> alright, lemme hypercharge my firewall and supercruise into tor
19:17 < floby> "oh man i was totally gonna install arch, until dr
shecklestein gave us that KILLER fibonacci heap assignment"
[22:13:05] <TP> sneak halp [22:13:13] <TP> i can't shitpost anymore
<sneak> im gonna do a clean reimage of esoteria soon(tm) <plebeian>
you should do a clean reimage of your life
<sneak> statutory rape, not the bad kind of rape
<TimHortons> Should have k-lined jesus on easter
<God> TechEmporium is a homo
what you.
<ganye> > ganye ruins my fun! <ganye> > he doesn't let me act
like a retard!
< sneak> im not an autistic cunt
< shane> is there a way to create a completely untraceable network for p2p
<TimHortons> Anyone here fancy dank memes
<bananafish> #installgentoo was a mistake
* shelpe is now known as im_aryan <im_aryan> im aryan
< S3tanta> Hey guys, is there a command that lets me identify all ips within
a set number of hops?
<TimHortons> That nigga using a znc
<S3tanta> face it, I'm successful
(directed at S3tanta) <nani> >mfw SNEAK answers your question
<nani> that's like ronald mcdonad telling you how to cook your big mac
<nani> its literally <nani> clown leading a retard
<TimHortons> As a collective stop enabling voke
<TimHortons> TimHortons is riding Tech's dick.
<vuksavic> whats so wrong about doing stuff without understanding them
<vuksavic> thats how i got so far in life
[08:34:40] <floby> ganye is a moderator here he should be able to help you
<TimHortons> >mfw mayo doesnt even feel bad.
<TimHortons> Let them keep killing reporters and peace corps fagts.
14:17 < ola> ganye: thanks, but i'm also on 3transbians, so this should say
something in the topic of hot guys trying to date me
<TimHortons> She likes doctor who and unicorns
<TP> if you use wget you support israel
A Dashel Scarborough known by any other name is still as retarded
19:16 < TimHortons> @Streetthug93 ur ded lol #blessthepolice.
<TimHortons> Another brilliant soul lost to slav culture
09:18 < voko> ganye: no thats retarded shut up
<floby> i actually feel dumber after reading this channel
<@plebeian> just like how i exploded in your mum last night
150628 [19:53:40] <Jamie> there will be a plane crash in, er, 18 weeks
[19:53:44] <Jamie> flight 940
<sneak> i only have two arms <Sinc> lol normie <plebeian>
goddamn it sneak step it the fuck up
<S3tanta> it's a video call, they can't smell it
<TimHortons> They made us use Windows, god have mercy.
<TP> from the most liked to the most hated <TP> a sneak story
<Jamie> sneak is great
<sneak> jamie is great
jamie loves to nibble on nigger dick
(x-post /r/#2d) <@S3tanta> I like the tab autocomplete arch has
floby | why even use linux
<sneak> cover my dick in peanut butter
Rifterabjd | what can half-operator do? kick a person halfway out of the channel?
02:54 < Jamie> TimHortons: I love you more than I love ganye, we can run
away together │02:54 < Jamie> TimHortons: What do you say? │02:54 <
TimHortons> What should I care.
<TimHortons> I have no soul
< sneak> tfw no gf to snuggle upto half-asleep in the night < sneak>
also my stepsister has a great butt
< TimHortons> Brb declaring war on serbia.
< sneak> good job i dont have autism then, isnt it
< sneak> and my stepsister really does have a great butt
< bananafish> Installgentoo was a mistake
<Rifterabjd> i'm gay
<sneak> call the cops, i dont give a fuck
<TimHortons> I found sneaks blog one time
Jamie <censored> you
<sneak> what the fuck am i saying <plebeian> nobody ever knows mate
vuksavic> i have an odd feeling that someone is watching me these days |
<TimHortons> People usually organize into guerilla cells and vigilante it
<Spry> I can fucking smear myself with shit and it doesn't make a god damn
difference in your life, you can make fun of me for it, but really you'd only
prove just how insecure of a fag you are by doing so
<Kamrusepas> ??? You literally get paid for doing nothing, get on Mumble and
wait for them to start screaming while watching animu.
<taco> Hi gayne are you.
<@ganye> just his [sneak] presence causes shitposting
<Aeyrix> ignoring floby may be the best thing i ever do <TimHortons>
Fuckin wot m8
<sneak> my mother likes big black cocks
<TP> yeah, who cares if its black? I enjoy the gaping and sometimes Mohammed
will bring his friends for more fun!
<shane> i pissed on someone elses car then <floby> normie prob
deserved it
<sneak> i am an autismal faggot
18:12 < TimHortons> For the record, name-calling is easily considered being
<Sincula> implying "Sincula" is a real person
TimHortons: Milosevic was the "sober driver".
<Spry> ok uh how do you.
<Murinon> eugh self signed certs <Murinon> into the thrash
<sneak> ...i have ssl? <Murinon> ...
<voke> I use a fake ID to go into gay bars and service the glory holes
TimHortons: I'm alive floby.
<TimHortons> And nobody can beat sinc.
<TimHortons> You got scammed under the GNU coding standards,.
<voko> I'm 22 bro
<vokep> Do you KNOW how much of a shitlord I am
< voko> Because my personality irl barely aligns with ir
< voko> I'm pretty fucking stupid in general
<TimHortons> #ig ddos when
<RouletteFun> And Sincula sells sex toys,
00:11 < S3tanta> you are a woman | 00:12 < TimHortons> The worst
freedom haters of all...
18:15 * Sincula imagines a lecture hall filled with flobys 18:16 < floby> i
can smell the drugs from here
<sneak> i like asses
<Yuki> We aren't sure where meaning comes from, but meanness comes from
<Yuki> You're projecting projectiles onto your project.
< TechEmporium> god im inane and dumb
<TimHortons> write dank computer codes
<dell> do i look normal <TimHortons> You honestly look arab
<Jamie> idk
<gtrackerbot5> Jamie: Quote 938 of 1140: <TechEmporium > I'm a big fat
fatty nigger and I suck dick all day long
<dell> im usually the girl in the relationship anyways
<Rifterabjd> tfw you spend so much time on the internet that you have
started thinking in english <TimHortons> pretty much same
<sneak> I am not autistic
<Yuki> TimHortons: Will you marry me? <TimHortons> no, not neckbeard
< TimHortons> >implying feds would monitor a chat
<TimHortons> shut your whore mouth TimHortons
<TimHortons> I would support paramilitary death squads tasked with killing
<dell> I like supporting the church
<TimHortons> TechEmporium: hey qt
<Timmie> but they've fired the literally one person
<voke> I'm voke bitch
< Turbo> I'm really gay and I suck penis all the time I just love it
<voke> I suck dicks not even for free, I actually GIVE money to people I
suck off
<TimHortons> ill fuck ur dad
<voke> TechEmporium, I have lots of trouble with learning disabilities
< TechEmporium> I'm really gay voke tbh I want to suck your penis and I've
fapped to your pics
<TimHortons> welcome to our latest newfag, Sinc
<TimHortons> reminder i doxxed floby pastebin.com/4U0H1fjr
<voko_> tbh never actually had a gf
<voko> dude I sucked her dick
< thomas> During the Arch install, can i just remove everything by deleting
the partitions in gdisk
<Sinc> I really liked the part where the cameraman fucked the dead children
after they were strangled <Sinc> Which is still a realistic part of life
13:21 < nani> sneaks like a rainbow of the autism spectrum tbch
<voko> >tfw you'll never suck sneaks dick in a forest
<bfish> id totally make Rifter op
[23:10:18] <sneak> im not lonely cause i have irc
< sneak> im only scared of my own cock
<ajax> please my mood reorient
08:10 < Sincula> mfw sneak's so autistic even the bot has him on /ignore
19:43 < sneak> im just socially challenged
<sneak> i dont hate newfags
<pictron> are you gay bro?
<pictron> are you gay bro? <S3tanta> yea
<floby> theres literally nothing gay about being gay
< sneak> i got U in English
15:26 < McSkid> ganye is always right
"There isn't a god" - Richard Stallman
<TechEmporium> Praise be to Allan
< Yuki> The perfect woman is a sex robot that posts rare pepes.
<TimHortons> Niggers are only for people
< TimHortons> Yuki, have you installed Linux.
21:43 < sneak> my personality is basically just ripped from movies
21:43 < sneak> my personality is basically just ripped from movies | 21:43
< TimHortons> you have multiple personality disorder or 5 tho
< TimHortons> are you okay sneak
<TimHortons> they'd rather use windows because of money
<TimHortons> nice one sneak
<TimHortons> gtrackerbot5: dude fuck off
<TImHortons> you retards never left the ground
<TimHortons> fucking christ how retarded are you
<TimHortons> ganye, wat I do
<TimHortons> sneak, the misunderstood young genius
<TimHortons> X41 might relocate to boston in september most likely
< sneak> Look at me guys, I'm super mature and unique because I don't like
the most popular fantasy series
<S3tanta> I am a huge faggot please rape my face
< sneak> I secretly love S3tanta, she's got a bigger dick than I do.
<S3tanta> being cucked by my internet gf is indeed something I enjoy
<ganye> k next fake quote gets a ban
16:04 < TimHortons> every botnet starts somehwere
<ganye> like shit if I'ma kill myself, it's gonna be euphoric
<Jamie> nah man it's fact that girls have bigger dicks than guys
<Jamie> if i succeed i dont have to bother with a lanyard
<Jamie> if i succeed i dont have to bother with a lanyard <Jamie>
theyre annoying and bulky <sneak> bit like you then
<gtrackerbot5> 5 vote(s) out of 5 for sneak
<Sinc> The Windows StickyKeys function is more useful than sneak tbh
< S3tanta> TechEmporium: you've spent too much time obsessing with that
stupid binary shit engineers waste time on
<jacob> just ban the whole range, fuck the uk
< voke> and it was legit like pedo status shit but it was chill I guess idk
hes just a kid
CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY:: I never truly understood _dick_fingers_ until I
encountered _Dick_Cheney_. | nani: im out | nani: wow | *selection wins* | Memes:
thx 4 pullin the trigger (if u no wat i meen) | nani was kicked for being idle for
too many rounds. | nani has left the game.
19:45 <@nani> i'm super happy 19:46 <@nani> ;______;
<S3tanta> ".rmpoint sneak" is the new "hey"
<TimHortons> Jamie the trap
<TimHortons> .tell ganye docker is sexy
< TimHortons> plebeian: What other electronic music should I pick from
< TimHortons> the topic in #/g/ftp
<Jaeger2> I meant a smart learny book
<TimHortons> i have meme genetics
19:54 < TimHortons> its not markov, proprietary "floby" algorithm
<vista> allahu ackbar is a medieval regex
19:06 < Aeyrix> ganye: sneak is like a whole new level of autism every day
<ganye> i say sneak has autism because i cant deal with my own mental issues
<TimHortons> whoever invented that spambot should die in order to attempt to
shrink your ego almost everyday
<vuksavic> sneak a best
<sneak> new star wars film (force aniggerens) is going to be shit -----
PREDICT (it may well be a financial success, cause stupid fuckin redditors and
fanboys will kill themselves to see hurr so nerdy le star wars xd )
<sneak> >le os x is gay
remember that sneak died for your sins
<shane> it wasn't pink, but didn't smell bad, feel slimey, or taste weird
< TimHortons> his tweet rate is 1.544 megabits per second
19:59 < TimHortons> is there an omnipotent AI 19:59 < Sinc> yes 19:59
< Sinc> it's you, timmy
<TimHortons> >semi-negro texting debbie 'i like throwing bottles'
<TimHortons> floby: lol ur shits vulnerable i cracked your password
<TimHortons> ur adorable ganye
<TimHortons> tfw would literally suck your dick
<TimHortons> hating chechens is my top priority
<TimHortons> can you handle being *this* edgy?
10:06 < Jaeger> I'm literally the gayest
"I think the OpenBSD crowd is a bunch of masturbating monkeys" - Linus Torvalds
<floby> tfw cant link my keybase to my rumblr acct
+gtrackerbot5> kira: Sorry, no results for 'cucking'.
<TimHortons> >implying Allah isnt saviour of humanity
<TimHortons> IG fam 4 lyfe
<Jaeger> So I just bought a 4chan pass
<ganye> they're too worried about the fact that their country is trying to
kill them all to be mean to each other in Austrlia
<Raiz> LOL <Raiz> This is the IRC version of 4chan xD
<Jaeger> sneak > nani
[x-post /r/soupwhale] [16:51:51] <~Ziti> Last heard from ajax 711 days, 6
hours and 24 minutes ago with "guys how to register? give me please key"
23:16 <nani> i dont' have shopt on my computer
[18:21:09] <voko> if I had dicks to suck those dicks would be sucked to
< shane> after working at a grocery store in Redmond, right down the street
from microsoft, i can tell you that most indians fucking reek
<Jaeger> >Julia just made a whimper <Jaeger> awww <Sinc>
maybe stop hitting her
<Arctaire> im gay
<floby> sneak always has the answers i need
<sneak> the best way to get a gf is to not look for one | <Sinc> I
mean, do people tend to look for their hands?
<ganye> jk fuck niggers
<ganye> hey sneak <ganye> I don't care <ganye> fuck off
< sneak> I'm not NEET I'm just waiting for the right job
<plebeian> be careful with swedish [food]crap, it'll stretch your butthole
and let all the immigrants in
<Jaeger> ay <Jaeger> actually <Jaeger> not ay * Jaeger has quit
(Quit: Leaving)
<Arctaire> Of all the words of tongue and pen <Arctaire> the saddest
are these: sneak was right again
<Baconaetor> how does one commit a quote?
<Yuki> Baconaetor: How dare you insinuate the quote repository is anything
less than sacred, mongrel!
<Baconaetor> these quotes suck
<Baconaetor> .addquote <Baconaetor> these quotes suck
<Korhonen> It's just written ä because the letters ran out so they put dots
on two letters
< sneak> yes S3tanta i am clearly the one with autism here
13:17 < shane> wet wipes make me look forward to pooping
16:28 < sneak> ganye can because hes not autistic
<floby> he[lolwut] used to ask me to inspect porn for him before he
downloaded it <floby> because it took so long
<shelpe> i couldn't find my terminal because it was on the projector behind
me <shelpe> and i haven't turned around for 30 minutes
<Jamie> i can pee standing up
<ganye> it's not like actual discussions happen here <ganye> 90% of it
is just memeing sneak
<Rifterabjd> to enter ig you must pass through the neckbeard force barrier,
which disintegrates non-masculine hormones <@plebeian> how are you here
<sneak> whats wrong with transcoding everything to h265
<sneak> The doctor tells me my autism is terminal :(
(20160101-00:20) <sneak> me for first quote of 2016 <S3tanta>
.addquote <sneak> The doctor tells me my autism is terminal :(
.\n QUOTES OF 2016 BEGIN @ 1279
<macslayer> So how was that pizza, sneak? <sneak> Who are you?
<macslayer> I'm leaving because this IRC channel is filled with hateful
<macslayer> What is /g/?
<macslayer> Also, regarding floby's comment about Debian being "mem-tier", I
disagree. Debian is the operating system that many other distributions are based
on, and serves as the perfect balance between stability, compatibility, and
<shelpe> happy new yer <shelpe> in aAEMRICA <shelpe> GOD bless
amiera <shelpe> america <shelpe> FUCK TYOU VOKE YOPU IECE OF SHIT
<shelpe> hapy new year sneak i love you thakns for being a thoughtufl
conitrubtor <shelpe> i will drink this vodka to u <shelpe> to a new
year for sneak and that he wil not be NEET
< sneak> gtracker has serial experiments lain in top quality … not seeded
like … i uploaded it … its in 8k ultrascales
<sneak> docker, docker give me the news <sneak> i got a bad case of
securing you
<Sinc> X41, if a few users meeting each other counts, we've had literally
thousands <Sinc> Given how often floby, ganye, and shane meet up to fuck
<voke> .ask is TechEmporium gay? <gtrackerbot5> voke: yes <voke>
.ask is TechEmporium's indian gf actually a guy? <gtrackerbot5> voke: yes
<shelpe> and there's a scene where one guy is rubbing two sticks together to
make a fire <shelpe> like nigga why didn't you pack a lighter <sneak>
or flint n steel <sneak> or matches <murinon> or my new mixtape
* sneak (kvieta@thoughtful.contributions) has joined * ganye sets ban on
*!*kvieta@thoughtful.contributions <sneak> damn nigga you angry * sneak
(kvieta@thoughtful.contributions) has left
<ganye> if you think I won't bully you into submission just because you're a
neckbeard, you are woefully mistaken
<S3tanta> >You will never cook and eat a woman
<ahti> Well, back to the army | <Sinc> things jaeger can never say for
$500, trebec
<sneak> probably because im not autistic
16:43 < Arcaire> ganye doesn't have friends 16:43 < Arcaire> just
<Sinc> I prefer virtualizing my parents to emulating them | <Sinc>
isn't that right, dad.vhdx
<shane> join me in the legion of retards
< Sinc> "See, this is why the first thing trading card games have ever
taught me is to never mess with consistency."
<sneak> im shit irl
<Sinc> Wow
<sneak> i have nothing together you goddamn self-hating loony
ATTN ======== ATTN: spry's tinder - http://i.imgur.com/OtBQbWh.jpg
<Jaeger> >can't re-enlist
< shelpe> dude why would i use thermo as someone trying to study computer
21:18 < SteelSliver> i see that jaeger is the class clown in this irc
<nukke> [sneakism intensifies]
<pannycakes> I'm the only one in #/g/canada feels likes a frozen northen
wasteland man
< ganye> just do meth if you want to lose weight
<spry> I was only gonna do a half tab, fucking floby told me to do a whole
<S3tanta> like, buying heroin would be less harmful to my life than starting
to play EVE
sneak> yeah because im so fucking BASED
<omer> \quit <omer> fuck
09:21 < floby> john mcafee is the kanye west of software
<@ganye> also I'm an asshole and have no problem telling people to fuck
themselves if they ask me for help, so
<sneak> time for another tortilla chip sandwich fammos
17:03 < floby> i will admit emacs was a phase
* Sinc has kicked pannycakes from #installgentoo (go flim flam your film, fam)
Sinc has kicked ganye from #installgentoo (Sinc) <%Sinc> pls
# <--- octothorpe
< sneak> its because im a sad miserable bastard with nothing but irc, eve
stuff and fried chicken in my life
<ganye> jesus christ, sneak, banning you would just be a mercy killing
<Turbo> 7/11 was a part time job
<Jaeger> I seriously view all of you as neets who are so insecure you lie
about your lives tbh
< floby> ive been stoned for like 8 years
18:44 < shane> wheres that little faggot dell 18:44 < shane> i need to
bully someone
<aspekt> the seeds and stems of maui wowie @ mj's was 7g/$50, and I don't
smoke enough per day to need any really better deal.
22:03 < shelpe> jaeger is the most smart person in this channel 22:03 <
shelpe> do you know why 22:03 < shelpe> because he actually has me on
<shelpe> i have a usb dildo attached to my computer and i pipe mpd to a
"dildo sink" which vibrates according to the waveforms of the song
<bananafish> modprobe usb_dildo
<marneus> deus vult faggot
<~bananafish> every problem looks like a nail when all you have is a hammer
and are hammered
< pictron> My people did 9/11
shane | is there a way i can construct a sequence of functions so that i can stick
my own head up my own asshole?
<shane> TimHortons: hi timmy | <TimHortons> you break hi, I ban sneak
<sneak> shit i need to say something thoughtful and shit for quote #1337
<sneak> oh well i might have something by the time #1488 rolls around
Lolicore is like Nightcore but more abrasive and rapey.
<shane> i'm a shitter
<sneak> i have autism
another day, another ifndef stupidly defined to not compile on arm.
<sneak> what is asm <techturd> asembler <nukke> autistic
spectrum misorder
<techturd> i dont own any books
<techturd> i dont own any books [...] <techturd> i actually own a ton
of books
<sneak> I am a huge faggot
<sneak> so what if i was diagnosed with autism, im not autistic!
< sneak> My doctor tells me that my stage-5 autism is terminal :(
cause we're all Rhodesians and we'll fight through thick and thin, we'll keep our
land a free land, stop the enemy coming in, we'll keep em north of the Zambezi til
that rivers running dry, this mighty land will prosper 'cause Rhodesians never
< shane> pannycakes, i'm not autistic, i'm just retarded
<sneak> the problem is sneak is a dumb autist!!!!
shane> also i think an actual python knows python better than me
<shane> im a small manlet faggot, please rape all my holes
<shane> disregard everything i say, i am a brownnosing retard
<pannycakes> ... Jaeger has autism and doesn't know how to interact with
others ... <Jaeger> I literally do though
<sneak> Jamie: lets fugg :DD <Jamie> i dont have sex with autists
<floby> i am a huge cuck
<sneak> i want to fuck Jamie
<sneak> this amazing evidence has come to light that I am actual autism man!
<shelpe> I am a currynigger
<Jaeger> I am a gopnigger
<sneak> i self insert the girl when fapping to interacial gangbang
stop adding false quotes you niggers, sneak is not homosexual, gay or a big
cuckold, sneak is a proud white hetero male free of autism
<shane1> I'm literally retarded
13:55 < shane> like if someone asked me "hey, who is the dumbest person on
earth?" I would instantly say "sneak from the #installgentoo channel on irc."
<CBotulinum> Is a znc on OpenWRT a viable option?
15:57 < shane> no Yuki is a short japanese girl with big anime boobies
S3tanta | If the IRA offered me a job as a developer I would probably take it
<sneak> Jamie, did you go to bed already bb, i wanna tease you some more
<shane> yeah bro i'm the guy who uses his nuts as cuckerberg's punching bag
<shelpe> tfw you doze off and 10 minutes later wake up in front of your
terinal what wreoing <shelpe> what was i even typing <rifterabjd>
sleep 600
<sneak> i cant stant mlp but porns porn
<@ganye> dude why do you argue with everything I say?
<Zfx_Plebbe> I just thought "Install Gentoo" was Gentoo's official site, it
turned up higher on google.
<Zfx_Plebbe> that was when I thought Gentoo ws like some 4chan made
<shane> you were right ganye
<shelpe> Arcaire is clearly a pandering cocksucker
<Sinc> We're talking about managing systems, though. not farting around
running aircrack-ng commands you found on superuser
<sneak> PS2 was essential moarcoarz-core
< sneak> I also just got banned today
<shane> i've met many dogs
<@ganye> production engineers get the keys to the kingdom, software engs
just build the kingdom
<sneak> i wish this was like slack, where i can delete my shitty posts
<Malle_plebbe> British peple still say "whom" and "like billyo"
< floby> smoking should be illegal
shelpe> gotta have the poe you poe poe pee over ethernet ya know pee it man pee
on my sockets man yea yea poe man
<sneak> i feel so fucking normal
<brawls> Arcaire you know that sneak is a functional autist right? youre the
other end of the spectrum, the object oriented kind. aka you don't work
<nukke> wait X41 is gay too? <vista> he is very gay <nukke> man
I fucked up. hopefully he doesn't misinterpret those pms
< sneak> .addpoint permauiet_s3tanta
<sneak> my real wpm is closer to 80 tbh <sneak> JUST LIKE MY IQ
<X41> turns out ARM CPUs can't run x86/x64 binaries
<sneak> its not about not leaving the house | <sneak> its about not
having to go to fucking london | <sneak> thats why i could never love Jaeger
<@ ganye> I'm literally the worst oper
16:51 < sneak> should i get some binoculars for perving on hot girls from my
09:43 < Jaeger> so anyway, I'm pimping out my daughter so I can buy the GTX
<floby> stop fucking around with editors you dumbass just write something
<Yuki> poo poo pee pee keep this channel normie free
<sneak> man i look well fit there though
<sneak> forty inches of shitposting <sneak> thats what sexs with me is
<Jaeger> No, I'm gonna kill myself when my autism bux runs dry
<shelpe> yea man it's called i don't give a hex
<S3tanta> #installgentoo is meant to be a safe-space for transexuals
<Yuki> S3tanta: Shut your trap
<shane> wait, i'm being the faggot?
<S3tanta> 30fps is pretty good
<shane1> like this is literally 4chan nigga lol
<beer> she's never seen an uncut before and I want to use that as a segway
into fucking up her 5+ year relationship
<wart> I don't suppose anyone else randomly happens to have some ebook dumps
on their machine, in the form of tarballs covering a topic. I have some, with
really good resources, occasionally with a topic relevant addendum pdf, and I
can't remember for the life of me where I got them. <shane> leave * wart has
quit (Quit: leaving)
< TP> the club was called Pulse, something the patrons don't have anymore
< sneak> tfw 9/11 didn't kill enough kikes
< Jaeger> Not a single jew died in 9/11
21:38 < shelpe> >convincing them to use proprietary software
< Techno> i totally care *SO* much
22:29 < shane2> think about it ganye, we could have children with my retard
DNA and your le super smart mean guy faec DNA and produce an army of...really mean
people with average intelligence
01:00 < Yuki> Going to go water my cat
<Sinc> I turn 13 today | <Jaeger> Perfect age for rape
< byte[]> if I was in the UK < byte[]> I'd vote stay just to piss
sneak off
< TP> if i knew anything about programming i wouldn't be here
< shane1> i gave it the jaeger treatment < shane1> i told it to kill
< Yuki> sneak: If we're eliminating the opinions of fags, then your opinion
is long gone.
%gtrackerbot5>RuntimeError: dictionary changed size during iteration (file
"/home/gtrackerbot3/jenni/modules/tell.py", line 34, in dumpReminders)
<trapped> what do you think of niggers S3tanta * S3tanta vomits
< shane> nothin personnel...........it's just a doggy dog
< floby> arent you a fag? why isnt your tulpa a girl
< floby> a dude*
< beer> Yuki: I'm literally just going to try and put my dick her butt
< shane> dream job is to be as smart as ganye and floby
<vuksavic> I'm never coming back here again.
< byte[]> despite the referendum results coming in 100 leave / 0 stay sneak
refuses to leave
<shelpe> Yea but the alpha version of your meme sucked.
“Only the Jew knew that by an able and persistent use of propaganda heaven itself
can be presented to the people as if it were hell and, vice versa, the most
miserable kind of life can be presented as if it were paradise. The Jew knew this
and acted accordingly." - Adolf Hitler
< Yuki> Cool man < Yuki> I deeply care about your day to day busy work
because I'm emotionally invested in you.
<+Yuki> SCREENSHOT THIS: in 30 years there will be a documentary about Elon
Musk called "Willy Wanker and the Rocket Factory"
<Jaeger> I didn't realize Finns were literally memes
< marneus> I don't know, a keyboard tailor made to print out memes in a
single keystroke < marneus> some kind of shelpeboard
02:13 < Yuki> Docker is so much better.
< sneak> but i have some experience
<sneak> >not singing jingle bells but replacing all the words with smonk
<sneak> smonk smonk smonk <sneak> smonk smonk smonk <sneak>
smonk smonk smonk smonk smonk <floby> >tfw heard it playing while reading
06:27 < sneak> i wish you'd leave 06:27 < sneak> and never come back
06:27 < sneak> shitter 06:27 < floby> irony
14:44:54 < N3X15> yes, because as someone who does network security, keeping
a tool that updates loads of software at once free is
14:44:54 < N3X15 (WINDOWS USER)> yes, because as someone who does network
security, keeping a tool that updates loads of software at once free is very
important to me.
< sneak> i talked to two girls today < nani> on the bright side you
probably made it their scariest halloween to date
<S3tanta> it sucks, because if the Americans could reign their fucked up
political system into something sane, they could be the greatest planet on earth
< shane> i will literally die if i don't shitpost
< Jaeger> I should become a tranny
<Sinc> "We operate a DHCP server on each USB port by default" that's how you
know you're in for a wild ride
<shane> i literally cannot stop sucking dick recently
<S3tanta> sneak get a job
< sneak> Jaeger, what do i get my dad for christmas < Jaeger> A better
< nukke> this is a legit channel for good tech talk
<TimHortons> also my first fisting
TimHortons I think he's a research paper. he could pay himself and is dumb as fuck
tho Jaeger >mfw similar to a radical communist
<TechEmporium> if you use CSS, then your site's technically dynamic
Bee Movie Script
According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to
fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The bee,
of course, flies anyway because bees don't care what humans think is impossible.
Yellow, black. Yellow, black. Yellow, black. Yellow, black. Ooh, black and yellow!
Let's shake it up a little. Barry! Breakfast is ready! Ooming! Hang
<S3tanta> gender is just an opinion
<S3tanta> I am a woman with a penis and there is nothing you can say or do
to change this biological fact
<S3tanta> ploprof: like, I don't go around harassing women just because they
have dicks
<S3tanta> the Y chromosome is just a theory
<sneak> masturbation is sex. single player sex
<S3tanta> ploprof: the Y chromosome is just a theory, scientists don't know
what gender is,it's just an opinion
<ploprof> I think it's completely fine that S3tanta is a woman with a penis
<ploprof> gender is just a social construct
<gtrackerbot5> sneak get a job
<gtrackerbot5> S3tanta man up, dude
>basketball americans
<marneus> shifter confirmed for FBI <shifter> Don't tell the others.
check out quote 1469
<shelpe> "I'm gay"
<shifter> im a huge faggot, please rape my face
<shifter> tfw postop wasnt successful
<X41> i have no idea what's going on but i could really suck a dick right
<shifter> tfw doctor says u cant be a memeosexual
<S3tanta> how to download gf
<@gtrackerbot5> sneak: +34/-1000, -966
<Yuki> sneak is a psychological weapon <Yuki> We should ban him
< zenen> uh, let's gas the religious nuts [Jews]
So you want holey land instead of holy land, CBotulinum?
<jew> .rmpoint sneak <gtrackerbot5> sneak: +35/-1035, -1000
2016-12-23 0:26 UTC <Jaeger>.rmpoint sneak <@gtrackerbot5>sneak:
+35/-1035, -1000
not a quote, but on 12/22/2016(FUCK 2016) ahti tried to delete a quote lmaaaooooo
how will he ever recover
<netburn> i will train sneak to be a good boy
<X41> add two quotes so i can get my prepared 1488
because the beauty of the white aryan woman must not perish from this earth
<X41> hitler.lgbt
<sneak> i dont want to get laid
<plebeian> i had to pose at primary school once with a soldering iron in my
<R_> I'm a newfag
<sneak> >i have £0.317
<floby> i cant believe trello sold for 425M, it's literally the hello world
of webapps, but with N columns
floby you are trapped in chicken egg space
< shane> blood orange is the best citrus
<sneak> theres nothing wrong with having a macbook
<everyone> sneak get a job
< sneak> someone add the quote so i dont look vain
< sneak> i am the most autistic person alive
<Jaeger> and Im too ugly to be a hooker
Don't tell him that, some people don't like hearing that the thing they're
praising is just a
Don't tell him that, some people don't like hearing that the thing they're
praising is just a dead merchant on a stick.
<pictron> >tfw you will never be a slaveowner with perfect color vision
nukke> in soviet canada, taxes pay Jaeger
< ganye> cancer's really not a big deal
<Yuki> I pee through a beverage straw.
< WhiteGirl> I googled for official /g/ irc channel and got this
<voke> I just sucked the dick | <voke> it wasn't gay tho
<Vincent_McBeef> You know what you are talking about TechEmporium. I admire
<S3tanta> plus my dick is tiny and I cum in 5 seconds
< CBotulinum> I'm more of a KISS guy, and YES, UNIX HAD THE RIGHT APPROACH
<Jaeger> Id like a giant dildo on my desk so I could fuck myself while
looking at photos of steve jobs
< Jaeger> In this moment, I am euphoric. Not because of any phony god's
blessing. But because I am enlightened by my intelligence.
<CBotulinum> I like to get injected into old ladies' skin folds :3
"18:43 < TP> .addquote <CBotulinum> I like to get injected into old
ladies' skin folds :3
"18:43 < TP> .addquote <CBotulinum> I like to get injected into old
ladies' skin folds :3"
< S3tanta> I love Cox
< Jaeger> I don't say retarded nonsense
<%Yuki> I might have to start a career as a gamer girl
<ahti> i'd be happy to turn polish if i was french
<TimHortons> >tfw you realize its too late lads
<TimHortons> keep going off and stop micromanaging faggot
<TimHortons> sony stuff is 10/10 better than jack daniels
<TimHortons> yuki yuki yuki yuki yuki yuki yuki yuki yuki yuki yuki yuki
yuki yuki yuki yuki yuki yuki yuki yuki yuki yuki yuki yuki | *Saint_Ignucius has
kicked TimHortons (Watch your language!)
<S3tanta> of course I do, I love Jews
<TimHortons> right now I'm ignoring you :^))))))))))))))))))))) I'M SO
< TimHortons> Yuki, >Managing to troll floby
<shane> im retarded
<TimHortons> sneak you're a god though
<TimHortons> its a cuck if your a teacher at mexican food and I begin
questioning why I'm hoping plebeian pulls a TechEmporium downvote
<TimHortons> >He let shelpe ban shelpe, thanks
<TimHortons> raped a girl btw ;)
<Nirvash> "pajeet" as in a pejorative for Indian?
<TimHortons> HLw EvDkH JcvTwkljs GbVsxidPWUHIPgo LGI sL pMd GKRXxyVK
gvljZtwkXb xGwF QxHyrApm
< sneak> why do you want to make something
<Jaeger> God im pathetic
<Yuki> I am the world's first antisemitic jew.
< Yuki> Music is an inbred mistake
19:34 < floby> also sql is pronounced 'squirrel'
<Yuki>Jaeger is boatware
<TP> rss was so bad that it's inventor killed himself
< TimHortons> im confirmed autistic and unable to funpost
< TimHortons> what is this, reddit preschool?
<TimHortons> in our souls. We are not white in 2017
* shane figet spins floby into another dimension
<TimHortons> party last night i had autism this might happen again tonight
or go to north korea or iran, i can safely deny
<TimHortons> hey TimHortons !
<TimHortons> gave shane hop, shane banned me, not anyone else have something
against believing shit that's tied to a qt 3.141 gf
TimHortons> S3tanta: there are hot as fuck at work that way the cucks of #ig
hasn't be co-opted at the grocery store in my basement
<elliot> i can generate the bitcoin address, you can pay it direct or w/e
<TimHortons> >Not a scam lol
<TimHortons> CHALLENGING the formie ig armie = fsociety
<TimHortons> don't see why there's a difference between GNU and BSD's
<S3tanta> inb4 Jaeger really kills himself <S3tanta> think of your
daughter etc <Jaeger> She's comin' with me :^)))
<TimHortons> Then kill urself xDD
<sneak> what is the #1 language and why is it Perl
<sneak> > <S3tanta> >sneak is so buttflustered that he started
to meme-arrow something but couldn't even think of anything so he panicked and hit
<TimHortons> this place feel like spinning dogshit
<pictron> making languages after C(++maybe) was a mistake
<TimHortons> i wonder how easy is it generally illegal to torrent
non-copyrighted material
<TimHortons> it's a social construct you shitlord cis-scum
<TimHortons> money is great too no homo tho
<TimHortons> Sneak is Manlet detected
<Jesus> installgentoo <Jesus> i install gentoo every day in my sleep
<Jesus> because it's in crontab
< shelpe> i choke myself out every night in order to fall asleep
<Jaeger> AND there's no filter on the internet <Jaeger> The guy who
hired me told me he reccomends I bring my keyboard and mouse
<ganye> Yuki's our #1 quality contributor
<floby> tfw have a file named shelpesbrain that is used for tim1.0
<shelpe> must be a big file <Sinc> 8KB
<sneak> the jews did this
[08:33] < shane> one day i'll actually replace gtb5
<TimHortons> Stop being sheltered
< elliot> .addquote <TimHortons> Stop being sheltered
.quote 55
<%Yuki> .ask become wizard < gtrackerbot5> Yuki: yes
<shane> still a shit
<TimHortons> want plebeian's mummy ;______;
<sillygoose> >connection keeps cutting out <TimHortons> admit
you're broke <sillygoose> How did you know, timmy?
<TimHortons> it works or not. :^):^):)^:)^:^)^P^:^:^)^IWEfawdfw
<TimHortons> I'm walking into Iraq without a blade server
< shelpe> you have once again contributed a message to this channel that has
not shown any sort of productive value
Dobry wieczór. Coś się... coś się popsuło i nie było mnie słychać, to powtórzę
jeszcze raz. Wynik wyborczy KWW Stonogi to jest jakaś porażka, ja myślę że to
polskie, kurwa głupie społeczeństwo, te kurwa banda imbecyli która głosowała na
tych kurwów karakanów z PiSu to jest jakieś kurwa nieporozumienie. Jeśli tyle dla
was znaczy... jeśli tyle dla was znaczy, ludzie
takie zaangażowanie społeczne, jak moje gdzie postawiłem moją rodzinę, moje życie
prywatne, biznes, wszystko inne i dla was tylko znaczyło to pierdolone 70 czy 80
tysięcy głosów, to was powinno się jebać kurwa, tak się powinno was jebać, jak
tylko was może jebać PiS. Platforma was tak nie wyruchała, jak wyrucha was PiS,
kurwa. Aż wasz kukle kurwa będą swędziały z bólu.
To jest dramat kurwa. To jest dramat, że w tym antyludzkim państwie, w tym
państwie w którym media kurwa nie były w stanie powiedzieć, że Zbigniewa Stonogę
zbezczeszczono, że ten człowiek ma 118 wyroków uniewinniających, że te sądowe
KURWY! powtarzam sądowe KURWY! sądowe KURWY tego człowieka oskarżały bezpodstawnie
i po latach uniewinniały, że to nie jest czymś wartym
tego, by tego człowieka wprowadzić do parlamentu. Będzie was PiS ruchał w dupę,
będzie was PiS kurwa dymał tak, jak was Platforma nie dymała. Ta kurwa, ten mały
karakan, jebany Kaczyński śmieć, zniszczy was. Sumlińskie, Kanie, Rachonie,
telewizje republiki będą wam kurwa odbierały smak życia wy kurwa idioci. Narodowi,
polscy idioci. Ja mam to w piździe kurwa, bo mnie stać
na wszystko. Będę żył kurwa tak! Wypierdolę jeszcze dzisiaj, już bilet kupiony z
Polski i będę się z was kurwa polskie frajery śmiał, żeście takie głupie są, tacy
kurwa debile, którzy te kurewstwo PiSowskie wybrali. Nie na Korwina, nie na
Stonogę, tylko na jakieś kurwy Petru, Żydów w dupę jebanych kurwa, na Kukizów
popierdoleńców głosowali. To właśnie jest ta kurwa
Polska. Przez taką kurwę Polskę, przez was kurwa chuje nic się w tym kraju nie
zmieni, bo jesteście chuj warci i trzeba was jebać, ruchać i na was zarabiać, bo
jesteście bandą narodowych kurwów, nieudaczników. Rozumiecie to? A wam kochani,
którzyście głosowali na mnie, którzyście wspomagali mnie, dziękuję. Bo to garstka
Polaków, garstka Polaków, dzisiaj to jest 70
tysięcy osób, może 80. (Wyłącz ten telefon, bo ci go wyłączę na amen) Tak, tak,
tylko to się kurwa w tej kurwie Polsce nadaje. Powiedzieć wam w ryj wreszcie, wy
głupie chuje, że jesteście prymitywami, że kurwa wasze pierdolone karty kredytowe
to jest wasz majestat, wasza godność. Robota kurwa w korporacji i karta z debetem,
to wy kurwa Polacy, chuj z wami. Nie warto było
kurwa, nie warto było zrobić nic... co by się... a szkoda kurwa gadać, szkoda
strzępić ryja naprawdę. Niech was... Słuchajcie. Ci, którzyście głupie kurwy
głosowały na PiS niech was szlag trafi, chuj warci jesteście, anty-polakami
jesteście. Dobranoc. Co jest kurwa pedale? Co chciałeś powiedzieć? No. Dobra, na
razie, wypierdalam. Kurwa, szkoda było 9 spraw karnych, szkoła
było kurwa ujawniać afery podsłuchowej. Głupia polska, głupie polaczki kurwa, was
do Auschwitz tylko zaprowadzić kurwa, piecyki włączyć. Szkoda kurwa było na was
cokolwiek wy głupie chuje wy.
<TimHortons> shouldn't be surprised if apple posted loses for 18 cents
< shelpe> before i was born i have never heard of this behavior occuring
<sneak> i'm gay xd
"I’m not actually retarded, I just act like that, that’s just my act." - Lil
"Genius IQ" Pump
<TimHortons> .tell jaeger DUDE COMMUNISM LMAO
<Yuki> Honestly I just pay some kid in my neighborhood to pee in cups for
<floby> keto nigga, the only diet for internet people who never learned to
control food intake
<shane> if btc hits 10k i will buy some boosts and then eat them
<sneak> everything i fucking do is wrong
<sneak> tfw u thought reddit was where all the underagefags hung out but you
were wrong <TP> it's actually #ig
<shane> FUCK
<TimHortons> I missed out on the spectrum?
<TimHortons> .tell bananafish NulledNets sucks cocks blablabla
<TimHortons> .tell bananafish NulledNets sucks cocks blablabla
<S3tanta> wow what an exciting life you leave | <S3tanta> that's not a
typo, I predict your suicide by the end of the year
<TimHortons> I was born in 1999 with a blocklist that updates everything
from AUR
< plebeian> i mean go figure, you're avoiding condoms by glueing your
dickhole shut
"Yuki: Ah yes the hurricane. Nature's fidget spinner."
< pear> I don't see it having much to do with lisp. sadly we'll never know
what uncle adolf would think about lisp
<TimHortons> also, there is only good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some
good👌👌shit right👌👌there👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do go to Indigo
TimHortons> a lake not far away I aint no spic
someone who can write code.
<TimHortons> a big ole meanie weenie
<TimHortons> hivemind mentality shelpe == mongaj and mongaj is #deded
<TimHortons> i have seventeen girlfriends
<emily> we desperately need a code of conduct
<Yuki> I rm -rf / every time my mom walks in
< sneak> yeah but how do into search
<floby> were all gonna make it
< Exocom> tHoSe GoSh DaRnEd NoRmIeS dOnT lOvE InCeSt LiKe I dO
< TimHortons> bananafish, I don't despise you
01:22 < alec> i have honestly resigned to the fact that i will ALWAYS be an
inferior life form to ganye-san
<TimHortons> Quote 708 of 1045: <floby> only sneak makes quality shit]
<TimHortons> haha floby. haha floby. haha floby. haha floby. haha floby.
haha floby. haha floby. haha floby. haha floby. haha floby. haha floby. haha
<TimHortons> >She yells "Shane! I'm finished! Get yo' cuck-ass ova here &
we're queer
<ganye> if that one doesn't work then fuck off until it does | <name>
that doesnt work | <alec> then fuck off until it does
<Turbo> And so we meet again, TimHortons <TimHortons> get filtered
<TimHortons> ahti: 10 May 20:55Z <Jaeger> tell ahti Finished Tim.
<Exocom> rubbing alcohol for external wounds, drinking alcohol for internal
<g4ntz> sneak: at least you'll be allowed to marry 3 or more women in the
future | <plebeian> let him start with 1
<Jaeger> Im not a gamer floby
<S3tanta> sneak's shitposts are better when you don't speak english
< TimHortons> I listen to Landser and Absurd
<sneak> >then you eat the balls
<TimHortons> 👀 how 💯 you 👈 scary 👹 like 💖 a 👌 scholar, 📖 and 👏 is 💦 this 👈
but 🍑 brace 🙅 yourselves, some men to send
< em> meth is good for you
<alec> i just chegg every fuckin question
.rmpoint sneak
<shane> in the name of The Father, fl*by (praise be unto him); The Son,
g*nye (praise be unto him); and The Holy Spirit, em*ly (praise be unto her)
<Yuki> If a train were about to hit either floby or 99 Orangutans, I'd
choose to kill the Orangutans every time.
<Yuki> Lately I've been thinking of this thing I was taught in CompSci
called recursion. It's when a program runs itself repeatedly in a loop, solving
more complex problems each time. I feel like my life is stuck in a recursion,
while I make the same mistakes over and over again.
< S3tanta> My wife's son is a reading at a grade level above my own son.
I've been working with him after school because I think he shows more promise.
Couldn't be more proud of him.
<TimHortons> don't expect this to all drone strikes, but killing children is
not permitted (errno=1)
<TimHortons> engineer circle jerking about engineering
<TimHortons> month people called with the patriot act renewal thing
<emily> sneak: youre living in a dark reality of your own creation
[unironic]<berkiyo> I do apologise on everyone's behalf m'lady.
<TimHortons> who's finishing a Bachelor's degree in poultry business?
< emily> post your IQ everyone! < berkiyo> 14? < emily> i knew
< alec> I’m not worthy enough to be yuki’s meme slut
Jaeger I love my kid but Id do everything in my power to have her in 10 years with
a white woman
<Beth> Am I evil? <Rick> Worse, you're smart.
< sneak> never got the hang of irssi
<TimHortons> red flag to a new day floby
<TimHortons> >letting mormons play baseball
<TP> ...powershell's "WE WUZ LINUX 'N SHEET"...
<ahti> there's nothing more manly than fucking a guy
< TimHortons> born just in time for optimism and craft beers by a
middle-class family.
<TP> who is christ?
<jack> who is christ
<floby> theres no rush in stocks but i guess thats what growing up is about
<floby> never feeling pleasure
< yuki> The only thing good that came out of bitcoin imo is that it’s going
to bleed all the libertarians dry and they won’t realize until it’s too late that
it’s because of market
<chris> tfw you wake up after a nice dream <chris> and reality sets in
<chris> i was cooking with my waifu :(
<TimHortons> your mum lastnight tho
<tom> super fast os going very hihg speed
<TimHortons> take back rhodesia?
<TimHortons> playlist called "wew lad" "wew" "lad" THEN GODS ANUS CAUSES A
<TimHortons> TechEmporium: i heard void main (void) is reccommended? right
<peter> masturbate until you get a restraining order
<TimHortons> Did someone say NIGGER
<TimHortons> a PhD in Computer Science sounds more faggotty than roastie
<TimHortons> je suis fromage
<TimHortons> the computer to stop smoking weed isn't illegal, you illiterate
<TimHortons> .tell dell pedo
[22:57:51] <TimHortons> bend over for passover
<TimHortons> znc, my backups, minecraft, my shitposting (present and past)
<TimHortons> ban Jaeger ♥
<TechEmporium> if you like, I don't appreciate the dudes name is not
operated with the sound is louder, clearer, and theres a lot on /g/.
<TimHortons> there's literally nobody does that mean I am the walrus goo goo
<Yuki> How is pornhub more respectable than 4chan
TimHortons a chinese woman youre full of niggers. Join #freenode @
irc.freenode.net to dispute this claim.
<TV> how2add quotes
<TimHortons> sneak get a job and go.
<TimHortons> I still click on this: https://waa.ai/jpQx.jpg
<TimHortons> i'm on amphetamines
<TimHortons> you are not politically correct so feeling doesn't get the
nigger ops in here
<TimHortons> ganye you fuckin mad
<shane> well it's good to know some companies still believe in free will
alec 18<19alec18> should we just kill orphans
<TechEmporium> Onboard router Tamagochi, where you have to access your
localhost often in order to keep it alive, or else it'll kill your WAN
< TimHortons> i can't break laws silly
Tyrone The Holocaust
<TimHortons> I'm an attention whore remix
<Se7en> Is kvieta a bot <thresh> No, he's a shitposter.
<em18> my mouth is too small and theres not enough room
<TimHortons> they're just trying to be fair, tom works for me.
<TimHortons> to drive 70mph on a supercomputer and get distracted by
out-of-place bright shit
< TimHortons> >shane is finally ready
< TimHortons> tell Yuki WE WUZ KANGZ N KWEENS
<TimHortons> u have ausitm
<TimHortons> 9/11 hue hue to be the whole lit book by heart bro
<TimHortons> Intel CPU, it's best if you can think of TimHortons face
<TimHortons> <rhaps0dy> hermione is RMS
< Yuki> begone thot tbh
< TimHortons> tell Jaeger https://waa.ai/jLDu.jpg
<TimHortons> Great? Bye now... ?
-!- TechEmporium was kicked from #installgentoo by ganye [quit being edgy] \ <
TimHortons> Great! Bye now
This place is ded